Lincoln Man Seeks Assistance for Spinal Surgery


Jeremy Suloff says that before he was injured in an industrial accident and a car accident that followed, he was physically fit, an avid golfer, bowler and surfer. The sole provider for his young family, he worked two full-time jobs but still found time to help a friend in need and to volunteer for his church. In February 2012, that all changed.

“I was working at a Walmart Distribution Center,” Mr. Suloff said. “Walmart’s motto is safety first in everything you do, but when it comes to meeting production goals, sometimes safety is overlooked. The week before my injury, management was instructed that we needed to raise production. This led to pallets of freight being loaded 20 to 30 at a time into trailers much more quickly than the average two to three minutes it should have taken. I stepped into a trailer and my weight caused the balance of the trailer to shift. One of the pallets tipped in my direction and, before I could exit the trailer, hundreds of pounds of dog food struck me in the back. I was on my knees screaming in pain.”

Five years after the injury he suffered at work, Mr. Suloff said that a car accident further damaged his back. During those years, he underwent physical therapy every week, injections twice each year all while fighting worker’s compensation through a long court battle. He now has thousands in unpaid medical expenses and is in need of surgical intervention to regain his quality of life.

“I suffer daily pain, spasms, numbness, partial paralysis and limited movement in my arms and legs,’ Mr. Suloff said. “I can no longer enjoy life as I once did. I have been told I will never regain the mobility I once had, but surgery will make it possible for me to perform daily tasks, drive, play with my children and maybe even sleep a full night.” Mr. Suloff said that he has a herniated disc at L5-S1 and a superimposed bulge along with spurring at L4-L5. He also has an annular tear, a ventral thecal sac bulge at C4-C5, a herniated disc at C5-C6 and a central herniated disc at C6-C7.

According to Mr. Suloff, his doctors have told him he needs an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion, thoracic spinal fusion and lumbar spinal fusion surgery in order to reduce his pain and give him a better quality of life, but he does not have insurance coverage that will pay for the procedures. He has set up a Go Fund Me site in order to raise money for the surgery, to pay his outstanding medical bills and to make his home wheelchair accessible. He hopes to one day return to work.

“It is not easy for me to ask for help,” Mr. Suloff said. “In fact, if people cannot donate cash, I will accept other types of assistance. My children are growing and in need of clothing. I have to use my father’s address because my mailbox is 350 yards from my house and I can’t get to it to check it except for only once each month.” Mr. Suloff listed sizes for his family on his Go Fund Me Page which can be found at

To date, Mr. Suloff has raised over $2,000 towards his goal of $35,000. He is hoping that people will read his story and assist him in getting the surgery he needs. He also lists his phone number on the website if anyone wants to confirm that his needs are legitimate.

“Come on, people! Jeremy’s a good guy who has hit a really rough patch through no fault of his own,” Eddie Ryan commented on the Go Fund Me page. “He’s doing the best he can, but he surely can’t do this on his own, no question about it. If you can donate, whether it’s a little or a lot, to help him out, I’m sure he’d most certainly appreciate it as would I, too. He’s not asking for the world, just whatever we can afford to give. He’s doing what he can to help better his situation legally, but for right now he needs our help.”


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