Solid Waste Collection Services are Changing


Staff Report 

The City of Milford Public Works Department has announced that residents will receive improved services to your refuse, recycling and bulk waste collection effective June 19, 2017. Customers will begin receiving weekly recycling and yard waste services. Recycling collection will be on the same day as your refuse collection. In addition, the City will once again offer brush collection.

In order to implement these changes, four new routes have been created, so the refuse or recycling collection day may be changing for some residents. Yard waste will be collected on Mondays, except on holidays. Enclosed with the May Utility bill, residents will find a new 2017-2018 Solid Waste Schedule with your New Collection Days. Individuals may also visit the website at for a street-by-street listing schedule.

“The acquisition and deployment of automated collection equipment has enabled us to provide the improved services. Automated collection is a safer collection method, reducing the risk of injury to employees from exposure to sharp items and household hazardous waste, dust, weightlifting, and vehicular collisions,” said Public Works Director Mark Whitfield. “Additionally, current City employees will remain employed to enhance services. The new collection equipment will not result in lay-offs.”

City officials state that City containers should be placed at the curb by 7 am the day of collection and be removed by 7 pm the day of collection. Carts should be placed within 3 feet of the curb, at least 5 feet apart, and ideally on either side of the driveway with wheels facing your house. Residents are reminded to not place carts near trees, mailboxes or other fixed objects. All material must be placed in City provided carts as our equipment cannot collect personal containers. All materials must fit within the cart, with the lid closed. Excess trash and yard waste outside cart will not be collected.  Residents are asked to not use bungee cords or weights such as bricks, rocks, etc. on cart lids. Additional containers are available and residents can call Customer Service for fees at 302-422-6616.

“Your participation in the collection of recycling materials and yard waste, helps keep your refuse bills low. Recycling materials are deposited at no charge, and yard waste is deposited for about 1/3 of the cost of landfilling,” said Whitfield. “Landfilling these materials presently costs $83 per ton. However, we need your help in the proper placement of materials. The mixing of materials creates additional costs. Placing refuse in yard waste and recycling containers, or recycling materials in yard waste containers, or yard waste in refuse containers results in contamination of your materials. City collection of contaminated materials results in the contamination of the entire truckload of material, and the City is subject to steep fines by the State and our compost vendor for this type of contamination. For this reason, we will not service your container if we find that it is contaminated.”

For information regarding these new changes, residents can review the information enclosed with the May utility bill or visit or contact Customer Service at 302-422-6616.


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