30 Days in Milford, DE


By Jhas Williams-Wood

Today makes exactly one month, thirty days, since my first day on the air at Eagle 97.7. And what a difference a month makes. While my start date was originally scheduled for Monday April 10th, due to the untimely passing of my grandfather, it was pushed back to Wednesday, April 12th. And if I’ve learned anything since I’ve been in milford- it’s been that I am officially HOME.

Milford residents have treated me like family: as if I’ve been here for years. Knowing that I was going to be replacing such a wonderful DJ like Amy, I had several concerns. Would the locals embrace me as a new change to the station? Would I be able to compliment Petch on air? Would I fit in? Would I adjust well to life in town?

And I am more than happy to say, unequivocally YES to all of those things! I can’t even describe what a relief it is to begin to find my place among Milford residents, including neighbors… making new friends and getting along so well with co workers. But I also have found in town, things that I like to refer to as lifesavers.

For example, I am a pretty healthy eater and am used to being within twenty minutes from a whole foods or wegmans food store. But with neither of those nearby, I have been forced to find something outside of my comfort zone. Enter: Redner’s! I love Redner’s! A place I had never heard of let alone visited is now my favorite place to food shop. I’ve ventured into camden to find the Vitamin Shoppe for all of my work out related necessities.

My biggest concern as a female was finding a nail salon! UGH! I kept thinking, who would be able to do my eyebrows the way I wanted! I was panicked over getting my nails done the way I like but the way Suncco nails does them, I like them even more!

I can’t wait to see what else Milford has to offer and how well I grow with the town that I’m grateful to now call home.

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