Roaring 20’s Party Drives Downtown Preservation


For the third year in a row, downtown Milford was host to fedoras, boas, flappers and gangsters as the Milford Historical Preservation Group held its Third Annual Roaring 20s Lawn Party at the Causey Mansion. The event raised money for the Milford Museum as well as the group’s efforts to preserve historic homes throughout the town. 

Last year, the group presented a grant for up to $4,000 to Frank and Mary Alice Mott, owners of an historic home located at 209 South Walnut Street, to be used to fix the façade of their home. “We are mid job on the house we chose last year so you should be seeing some progress soon,” said Milford Historical Preservation Group Chair Patti Persia. 

Persia states that the group’s goal is to educate and preserve.  “We are working on educating people on the benefit and beauty of historic homes in Milford through events like the Roaring 20s party at the Causey Mansion as well as the upcoming Porch and Garden Tour,” said Persia. “We want people to appreciate the beauty of our homes and respect the history.  We are working on preserving one of those homes now, with facade improvements to help beautify town and to help the homeowners as stewards of an older home.”


Roaring 20s Lawn Party 2017

Roaring 20s Lawn Party 2017
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The 1st annual Milford Porch and Garden tour will be held on Saturday, June 25 from 11am to 3pm. Guests will tour homes in the area and learn some of their history. Artists will be on hand playing music or painting at some of the homes and there will be light refreshments on the tour. Ticket sales will include a wrist band required during the event for admittance. Adults and children 4 and over are $5 per person and children 3 and under free. More details can be found on the Milford Porch and Garden Tour Facebook Event Page. 

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