MCA Celebrates Eighth Grade Students


On Monday, June 5 Milford Central Academy (MCA) held their annual Moving Up ceremony, celebrating eighth grade students on their accomplishments and recognizing the important journey that they will soon embark on as they become high school students.

“Middle School can be an incredibly difficulty time for students to get through,” said MCA Principal Nancy Carnevale. “It is more than just grades, they are learning how to be a leader, finding themselves and seeing how to work with others.”

The awards at the Moving Up ceremony reflected this idea as a wide variety of awards were given to students as they received recognition through the Good Citizen, Hardest Worker, Leadership Qualities, Positive Respectful, Volunteer and Well-Rounded Awards. Awards for academic success were also distributed through the Top Scholars and Most Improved awards in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, ELS and honors subjects.

Principal Carnevale praised this eighth grade class for their exceptional performance through their years at Milford Central Academy. “This is an unbelievably talented group of students with an incredible amount of parental support,” said Carnevale. “The support is one of the reasons that this class has outperformed past classes.


MCA Moving Up Ceremony 2017

MCA Moving Up Ceremony 2017
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Giving some advice to the future high school class of 2021, Carnevale encouraged the students to be kind to one another. “Realize that kindness is the highest form of wisdom,” she said. “I urge you all to go out of your way to work collaboratively with each other and others, even when they have different beliefs.”


These awards are selected by the 8th grade teachers as a group.

Good Citizen –These students are those to whom you look for assistance, they are willing to assist and happy to do so

  • Anderson, Divine
  • Johnson, Deena
  • Medina-Meza, Alondra
  • Perez, Victoria
  • Sivels, Allen
  • Stump, Roman

Growth Mindset – These students see learning as an opportunity to take risks and grow from those risks

  • Leon, Melanie
  • Matamoros, Sulayma
  • Smith, William Jacob
  • Wisniewski, Rebecca

Hardest Worker – These students never give up, works tirelessly to do their best

  • Berduo-Perez, Hali
  • Cortez-Galindo, Lizbeth
  • Kuser, Evan
  • Moore, Josiah
  • Spells, Melea
  • Wells, Bryce

Leadership Qualities – Stand out above the crowd, always willing to help

  • Anderson, Candace
  • Cortez, Sebastian
  • Shockley, Jason
  • Smith, Latrell

Positive – Always have a smile on their faces

  • Joseph, Mirberline
  • Ohlig, Shelby
  • Ostermann, Dale

Respectful – These students are respectful to their peers and to anyone with whom they come in contact

  • Carranza, Emanuelle
  • Reyes Lopez, Osvaldo
  • Saint Juste, Alainson
  • Saucedo, Denaly
  • Suarez, Shaun

Star Students – Generally fantastic, these students go over and above in all areas of academia and good citizenry

  • Ashton, Abby
  • Baird, Abigail
  • Benton, Allison
  • Cannady, Hannah
  • Clausen, Kayla
  • Cline, Cannon
  • Crew, Mckenzie
  • Davis, Summer
  • Hajek, Landan
  • Hammer, Kirk
  • Heckler, Josie
  • Johnson, Deena
  • Keesler-Evans, Isabella
  • Kibler, Brianna
  • Kimmey, Eliza
  • Matamoros, Sulayma
  • Medina-Meza, Alondra
  • Moore, Shyne
  • Moorman, Emma
  • Neal, Aaliyah
  • Perez-Arreaga, Odalis
  • Ramirez-Arreaga, Briseyda
  • Roblero, Caleb
  • Sickles, Sam
  • Sisson, Leah
  • Stevenson, Kate
  • Sturgis, Teana
  • Thawley, Logan
  • Thompson, Autumn
  • Thompson, Autumn
  • Wong, Mandy

Volunteer – Always willing to lend a hand to staff or students

  • Hudson, Niko
  • Jordan, Victoria
  • Roblero, Roxanna
  • Sekscinski, Emma

Well-Rounded – Overall good students, involved in sports, academics, and general good citizens

  • Clausen, Kayla
  • Messick, Corey
  • Smith, Layne
  • Walsen, Cammeron

Top Scholars – Top in their class academically, and overall a truly fantastic student. Teachers select the top male and female student in the entire 8th grade to receive this award. This year’s recipients are:

  • Garlick, Cole
  • Miltenberger,  Angela

Content Awards –These awards are given out by individual teachers for exceptional performance in the content area


  • Buford – Gillian Strawder
  • Dutton – Shymica Aubourg
  • McKellop – Tavon Newman
  • McNulty – Haleigh Baker
  • Rogers – Emanuel Ortega
  • Thompson- Jose Velasquez
  • Wilkins – Jordyn Hills

Honors English

  • McNulty – Aaliyah Jones
  • Wilkins – Bret Nowakowski


  • Delli Paoli- Rhe’Ann Williams
  • Hamilton – Candace Anderson
  • Kebles – I’Ahnnah Dorsey
  • Lancaster- Jason Ramirez
  • Lee-Logan Mench
  • Rogers – Taniyah Stevens

Honors Math

  • Hamilton – Cole Garlick
  • Kebles – Ashleen Jackson
  • Lee – Emma Moorman


  • Roberts – Logan Thawley
  • Rogers – Christian Fullington
  • Ward – Andy Garcia Morales

Advanced Science

  • Ward – Allison Benton

Social Studies:

  • Davis – Madison Kibler
  • Ranney – Candace Anderson
  • Rogers – Mark Martin

Advanced Social Studies:

  • Ranney – Delaney Dillon


  • Nees – Melody Barrios

Most Improved – These students have shown the most improvement over the course of this school year. They are awarded by content area


  • Delli Paoli – Brianna Lewis
  • Hamilton – Honors – Ty Kimmey, Academic – Ashlyn Stamm
  • Kebles – Honors – Maisie Petchey, Academic – Zoe Etheridge
  • Lancaster – Luis Pagan-Cabrera
  • Lee – Honors – Jason Shockley, Academic – Avery Mosley

Social Studies

  • Davis – Edward Passwaters
  • Ranney – Melody Flynn

Language Arts

  • Buford – Troy Donovan
  • Dutton – Krystal Robinson-Strickland
  • McKellop – Khi Woods
  • McNulty – Honors – Jocelyn Argo, Academic – Jacob Snarsky
  • Thompson – Anthony Montgomery
  • Wilkins – Honors – McKenzie Crew, Academic – Shelby Ohlig


  • Roberts – Gabby Etheridge
  • Ward – Vanessa Debrosse

Life Skills

  • Rogers – Zachary Farrell


  • Nees Layne – Taina Sauveur

The Expressive Awards are presented by our expressive teachers for excellent participation, expertise and enthusiasm in each expressive area.

  • Gym – Corey Messick & Angela Miltenberger
  • Art – Kevin Lin & Caitlyn Koukaras
  • Business – Exploring Business Level II – Tylaya Monique Murray
  • Ag Science – Julianne Walls
  • Chorus – Cannon Cline
  • Band – Josiah Moore
  • Health – Victoria Jordan
  • JDG – Javier Gonzalez & Jessica Joseph
  • Spanish  – Vanessa Barron
  • Technology Exploratory  –  Tavon Newman & Mia Demby

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