DE Storage Offers Classic Car and Motorcycle Storage


When people think of storage units, they often think of storing household goods that no longer fit in their home or keeping items safe during a move. However, many customers at DE Storage in Milford, DE are finding the units perfect for storing their classic cars and motorcycles.

“We offer a choice of parking spaces or drive-up units,” Elisabeth Avery of DE Storage, said. “Both offer a secure and well-lighted area behind an electronically controlled gate. We have security cameras throughout the facility that are recorded 24 hours each day. For those that wish to protect their classic car or motorcycle from the damaging effects of the sun and weather, a drive-up unit provides the perfect solution. Customers who store their classic car or motorcycle at know it is well taken care of, available seven days a week, while keeping your garage free to use for your everyday vehicle. Our facility is conveniently located right off Route 113 and professional staffed sis cays per week.”

Steve Tidwell who stores his 2013 Harley Davidson Breakout at DE Storage says that the difference from the ground to the concrete is only two inches at his storage unit, much better than the six to eight inches other storage companies have for their units. “This makes it easy to get in and out of the unit,” Mr. Tidwell said. “It is also very secure. I would not feel comfortable leaving my motorcycle anywhere that wasn’t secure and DE Storage provides me with the security I need.”

Ms. Avery said that many neighborhoods have homeowner associations that limit how many and what types of vehicles are permitted in driveways. DE Storage offers an easy solution to the issue and their units are also excellent choices for RVs, boats and travel trailers. “Having a classic car or motorcycle is an enjoyment in life and we want to help you have the best experience possible,” Ms. Avery said. “Our rates are the same to all customers and there is no upcharge to store classic cars or motorcycles. We offer the extra space you need for as long as you need it.”

Jerry Wright, who stores is 1932 Ford Coupe at the facility, says that he is very pleased with the service he receives from the storage company. “I have had my car there for seven years,” Mr. Wright said. “I live at the beach and even with a garage, the salt air is not good for the vehicle. The area where you drive to and from the unit is paved, not gravel which is another benefit to storing my car there. There is a sprinkler system and there are fire extinguishers every four or five units which makes me feel even more secure. Another benefit is that the car is not as dusty as it would be if I stored it in my garage at home. When you store a classic car in the garage, opening and closing the doors plus people coming in and out lets in dust. The doors to the unit are only opened when I want to drive the car.” Mr. Wright says that he takes the car to car shows throughout the year.

DE Storage has different sizes of vehicles available for storage. Ms. Avery said that their 5×10 size is best suited for motorcycle storage while the 10×20 is more suitable for classic cars. The aisles between units are wide so parking vehicles is easy. For people who have vehicles that need trickle or solar chargers, the facility can accommodate those needs.

“These people treat me right,” Don McIlvaine, who stores his Harley Davidson at the facility, said. “I love motorcycles and I bought too many. Right now, I have three. I store one in a friend’s garage and one at home. When I bought the larger bike, I needed a place to keep it. I work across the street and I could see that the facility was secure and well-taken care of. My motorcycle needs a solar charger and when I talked to them about it, they put me in an end unit and allowed me to put my charger on the outside where it gets the most sun. I am very happy with the service I receive there.”

For more information on storage for classic cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs and travel trailers, individuals can contact DE Storage at 302-424-6902 or by email at Office hours are Monday through Friday from 9 AM until 5 PM and Saturday from 9 AM until 3 PM.