Milford Student Athlete Darby Brennan


  By TJ Millman Milford’s Darby Brennan has been playing sports since she was old enough to compete. Now, as she heads in to her senior year at Milford High School, she balances her sports life with all the stresses of AP courses and a social life as well. Brennan plays field hockey, softball, and swims. She is a first team all-state softball and field hockey player, state champion, and a soon to be Division 1 field hockey player at Liberty University.  With all of her softball accolades, Brennan made the decision to play field hockey because of her love for the game. “I just fell in love with the game of field hockey. There’s always so much going on, and I love the fact that you can take risks in the game. I feel that I could have gone far in either sport, but I limited myself to how far I could go with softball because I didn’t continue with that recruiting process,” she said.  Being a Division 1 athlete for any sport requires a strong work ethic and determination that many high-school athletes lack. For Brennan, it is a mentality that was built by the strong support system around her. “It is so easy to quit after failures, but having God, my family, and my friends to continue to push me is such a big part of it. I also can’t let my successes become too big a part of my thought process. It’s an honor to have success, but I give my success to the glory of God for helping me through the tough times as well,” she said.  One thing that many great athletes fail to realize is how important grades are to their college chances. Brennan has yet to decide on one particular major, but she wants to set herself on a career path that will let her be involved with sports. She works hard in high school to prepare herself for the future and said she takes all of her classes seriously.      As someone who has played so many sports for so many teams, Brennan has had too many coaches to count. While she acknowledged that each of these coaches has helped her along the way, she was able to name just a few of the many who have truly impacted her.  “My father, Sean Brennan, lifted my spirit in any sport that I played, showed me that nothing is made easy and everything in life is earned, and taught me to use my failures to create success. Coach Barkley has coached me for around 11 years, and he has helped me to grow as a person and an athlete. He taught me how to take lessons from the game and apply them to how I live my life. Coach Greg Abbott has coached me since I was young as well and helped me to see that God is always on my side. I’m so blessed that he was a part of my coaching and is a part of my life. I’m forever appreciative of Coach Kathleen Fluharty for sharing her knowledge of field hockey with me and for teaching me the true meaning of being an athlete. Last, Coach Andrea Fleming, who continues to push me day in and day out to be the best that I can be, reminding me that the hard work never stops,” she said. She also had some words for the upcoming Milford athletes. “Never forget the little girl that fell in love with the game. Whatever game or sport it may be, never forget the first time you fell in love with it. That’s what will keep you going in those hard times. Make sure you are always having fun because that is the most important part of it all, and as you grow remember that there is always someone else that will be looking up to you. Play the game with respect and determination. We all fail at some point in our lives, but the failure will not last forever. With God on your side, you can do all things”. Darby Brennan is one of Milford’s finest and a role model for all of Milford’s young athletes to look to. With a good head on her shoulders and an unyielding work ethic, the sky is the limit for this young Buc.     Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 7.24.15 AM Sign up for you free digital subscription of The Weekly Review, delivered directly to your email every Tuesday morning. A quick cover-to-cover read to catch up on the news of the week and experience great stories about our local communities. Sign up for your free email subscription below.