Pets Help Brighten Up Life


If you listen often enough to Petch and Jhas on Eagle 97.7, then it is no secret to you that I have a rather mild, or intense, obsession with dogs. That is why since moving to Milford, adopting my own was important.

While Milford is a wonderful town, it is no surprise to anyone that it is quiet, small and can sometimes get lonely. However, on the flip side, the people of this town are so wonderful and helpful that whenever you express loneliness, they are quick to suggest ideas that might ease the transition. One of the suggestions was to visit the First State Animal Shelter and SPCA in Camden, DE. And there, I found the perfect dog for me. I asked listeners for name suggestions and then after an overwhelming response, I decided to re-introduce my two year old Jack Russell Terrier, Fancy.

One of the warmest responses I received was an invitation from the owner of Fur-Baby Boutique, Sherry in Downtown Milford, welcoming Fancy and I to town and inviting us to visit the store. What a great store for any pet owner/dog lover. Everything I needed and wanted was found there including top quality, soy free, gluten sensitive pet treats and kibble. Fancy eats like a queen and has a brand new hand-made collar that reads ‘I rescued my human’, which is exactly what she did.

I am writing this article to everyone who is new and just starting to get their footing in this adorable town. Perhaps getting a pet would be a great idea. Reach out to the community to find the right furry “roommate” for you and don’t forget to stop by the Fur-Baby Boutique for all of your needs. Moving can be stressful. However, a pet is clinically proven to reduce stress and increase quality of life. So thank you to everyone at First State Animal Shelter and SPCA and the community of Milford for helping me to fit in just that much more.

•Jhas Williams-Wood
•@jhaswillwould on instagram, twitter and Facebook

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