Mr. Moribund’s Summer Screamer Returns


By Terry Rogers

On July 15, The Second Street Players performed their special summer edition of the Theatre of Terror, a live stage show in the style of classic horror host TV shows like Elvira, Svengoolie and Dr. Shock. A classic horror movie from the 50s or 60s is introduced by a cast of characters. During the film, there were breaks with funny commercials, sketches and talent acts. William Walton, who is handling the event for the theater group, said that it is similar to being in the studio audience of a TV Show and is presented by Movies at the Riverfront.

“Movies at the Riverfront shows a movie at the Riverfront Theatre every month, but usually not a campy monster movie,” Mr. Walton said. “We don’t do commentary during the movie, like Mystery Science Theater, but we do spoof the movie in our comedy segments. The movies are very campy. In the past, we have shown “The Tingler” and “Killer Shrews.” This time around we’re screening “Horror of Party Beach,” a cross between a beach blanket movie and a monster movie.”

Mr. Walton said the show is filled with silliness and fun. There is comedy, some talent segments that include a singer and a magician as well as some audience participation. Every episode ends with a musical number so that there is something for everyone. Mr. Walton said that the show is a unique experience.


“I am not aware of anyone anywhere else doing a live horror host show,” Mr. Walton said. “You get the combination of a classic horror movie mixed with live entertainment and audience participation. We did the show one night in October, but the audience response has been great. We’ve seen the audience double in size between the first and second show, so MaRT has given us one night in July and two nights in October.”

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