Seaford Duck In Celebrates Third Anniversary


By Terry Rogers

Garrett Grier always knew he wanted to open a second location after the success of his Milford Duck In Car Wash. He wanted a market that was around 30 to 45 minutes away from Milford but with a similar demographic.

“The Seaford market seemed to make sense in that it was about 30 miles away in an area that was lacking a full-service car wash,” Mr. Grier said. “I found a site on Route 13 North that was being taken back by the bank and presented an attractive purchasing opportunity. The City of Seaford was extremely helpful in investing in infrastructure expansion which allowed utilities to reach the site I eventually purchased.” Seaford Duck In Car Wash opened on June 25, 2014, celebrating their third anniversary this month.

Mr. Grier says that the Seaford location washes approximately 45,000 cars each year, not quite as many as Milford is currently but more than Milford was washing at the three-year mark.

“The reception from Seaford and the surrounding communities has been great,” Mr. Grier said. “I’m extremely grateful for all our loyal customers.”

Mr. Grier developed the idea of a full-service car wash while working at a similar business while attending Elon University in North Carolina. It was there he learned what he calls “the tricks of the trade” from his boss and mentor. When he returned home to Milford, he saw that there was a car wash in the town but it did not offer the same services that the one in North Carolina offered. He created a business plan, found a partner and opened the Milford location in October 2006 with the Seaford location following in 2014.

Currently, Mr. Grier says that he has no plans to add additional Duck In locations, although it is never completely out of the question. “I’m not opposed to doing another project,” Mr. Grier said. “I just need to be presented with the right opportunity. In looking for another location, I would want to focus on a market that has a growing population with an available piece of real estate in an area with a high traffic count. I would also want to pick a location that does not have a full-service car wash currently.”

Both the Milford and Seaford locations offer inside and outside detailing using Armor All products as well as the best chemicals on the market to clean vehicles. Both locations offer underbody washing as well, something that people often cannot do on their own.


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