Our “On Demand” World


Guest Writer Steve Monz, Afternoons on Cool 101.3

I heard something this morning that made me turn my head and go…huh? There was a story on the news that said that if you just can’t wait 24 hours to get your Amazon purchase at home you can now buy your item online and pick it up at Amazon’s distribution center. So, wait…it’s like going to the store when you need something? Novel concept. Brilliant! But it got me thinking about our On Demand World. You can sit on your sofa, see just about anything you want, order it and it is delivered next day by truck or even drone. The future is here folks. If we can just find a way to teleport this stuff.

Being in the radio business for over 30 years, I keep hearing that radio is a dying medium. Satellite, Spotify, Youtube all going to take our place. Hasn’t happened. Maybe it will to some degree. But last time I checked, radio was free. Now, this isn’t Steve on his soap box preaching to the choir about the power of radio. It’s more of a look at how we get our entertainment. Television these days is more “Binge watching”. Watch when you want. No more locked into “Must See TV Thursday”. It’s about convenience. Maybe I’m older and don’t see the need to see something first before everybody else. Certainly I don’t want it to be spoiled, but I’ll trade that chance for my convenience. Television is a great example of that. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and on demand cable shows are all producing what is called “unique content”. That’s why they are able to charge us to watch. The shows are getting better for that reason. Each company wants the next Game of Thrones or Walking Dead.

In the radio world there is something similar. Some of you may already be savvy to the world of “Podcasting”. It is basically On Demand talk radio. Right now music licensing fees keep these podcasts from containing your favorite songs, but in time that could change. But podcasts are growing in number thanks to their convenience. You can stream or download them whenever you have the time to listen to them. Some are 30 minutes, some longer. And there is a podcast for just about any topic you can think of. Pat Monahan the lead singer of the band Train does a podcast where he talks to other musicians. Lance Armstrong has one where he talks to other athletes. And Gilbert Gottfried does one where he talks to TV and movie stars from days gone by.

We do several here at our radio stations. Dan Gaffney does a daily podcast of his morning talk show on Delaware 105.9, I do a weekly podcast all about The Walking Dead, and we are currently working on a podcast for the millennial generation called “Millennial Minds” that attempts to explain our world through the eyes of the next generation of broadcasters.

It’s just another form of entertainment available in our “On Demand World”. Check em’ out. You can find podcasts on Itunes or just about anywhere. Simply search the name of the topic you are interested followed by the word “podcast” and you will be amazed what pops up. And if you can’t find a podcast on your topic, you can make one! It’s pretty simple. Look at Youtube. People are making videos of things that are interesting and helpful. Before I begin a home improvement project, I look for a youtube video on how to do it. My son has learned to fix almost anything on his car that way. Youtube videos are really podcasts with pictures.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. The world is evolving pretty fast. And we have so many new ways to communicate and grow with it…”On Demand”.

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