Frederick Hired as Account Administrator

Recent City of Milford hires (r) Suzannah Frederick and Erik Retzlaff.

Suzannah Frederick said that the position for an Account Administrator at the City of Milford had been posted several times over the past year. She considered applying last fall but was happy in her position at Savannah Animal Hospital in Lewes.

“I live in town and my family is active in many programs downtown, in school events, sports, the theater, karate,” Ms. Frederick said. “When a neighbor let me know the job was still open, I knew it was time to apply. Milford is still a small town. It’s a wonderful community to raise a family. Working for the City seemed the perfect way to really be part of our hometown.”

Ms. Frederick grew up in Rehoboth and graduated from Cape Henlopen High School. She graduated from Goldey Beacom College before working three tax seasons at Gunnip and Co., a public accounting firm outside Wilmington. Then, on a whim, when a friend decided to move to New York City, Ms. Frederick decided to move there as well.

“That November, we were living in Brooklyn, jobless,” Ms. Frederick said. “By December, I was working for Empire Office Furniture, a Fortune 500 Company, in Manhattan. I worked directly for the owners of the company, maintaining their personal finances, investments, business ventures and real estate. What a great way to learn the City! I was in warehouses in Queens, business offices in Manhattan. I worked with everyone from the CEO to warehouse managers, architects, builders, electricians, different city departments. I did this all while maintaining the accounting and financial side back in the office.” Ms. Frederick said that the biggest accomplishment was a post-9/11 renovation on an office building downtown.

Not long after, she and her husband relocated to Rehoboth, a place they considered home. Not long after that move, they purchased their first home in Milford where Ms. Frederick first commuted to Wilmington and then to Lewes before accepting the position with the City of Milford.

“My main focus will be learning the processes of each department in the City of Milford,” Ms. Frederick said. “I’m looking at the whole picture, looking at the City’s budget and knowing what goes on day-to-day, month-to-month. I’m just in time to see how the year wrapped up. I will be working under the direction of Jeff Portmann. He has been with the City for 28 years and is full of knowledge.”

Ms. Frederick said that she immediately jumped into helping with payroll and felt it was a great way to get to know over 100 employees. As she meets more people, she has been able to put names with faces. She plans to work with the staff in the Finance Department and the Customer Service Department to get a feel for how the City runs. 

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