Carlisle Plans new Ambulance Building

Sharon Deputy Smith, Lester Guyer and Brennon Fountain received the honor of Ladies Auxiliary Member of the Year and Firefighters of the Year, respectively.

By Terry Rogers

On Monday, August 14, Carlisle Fire Company presented a request to Milford City Council to withdraw funds from the Carlisle Fire Company Enhancement Funding Program. The fund consists of the balance of a 0.25 percent surcharge on construction building permits in the City that accumulate over the years. The fire company may request a withdrawal of the funds by submitting a letter from the Carlisle Fire Company President. On August 1, 2017, Kevin Donovan, President of Carlisle Fire Company submitted a request for a withdrawal from the fund.

“As you and your constituents may be aware, we have quickly outgrown our current facility and need the additional space to combat demands of future growth,” the letter read. “Over the past year, our building committee has been working extremely hard on this project and developed what we feel will be a huge asset to our organization with the proposal of this newly constructed facility.” Although there is no official cost for the expansion, Mr. Donovan’s letter said that the cost is estimated at $270,000 and that the company hopes to offset that cost with $150,000 from the Enhancement Fund. The balance of the cost will be paid from a contingency fund held by the fire company.

According to Ryan Knowles, Past President and spokesperson for Carlisle Fire Company, the organization plans to construct a building to house the ambulance service. The current building, which was completed in 1978, does not have the space to fit the larger ambulances used today. Mr. Knowles said that the company tries to avoid removing money from the Enhancement Fund unless it is absolutely necessary. As of now, the company has not drafted plans for the new ambulance building but those should be available soon.

“The fund is similar to impact fees the City charges related to new development,” Eric Norenberg, City Manager, said. “For instance, water impact fees assist in the capital financing of construction, improvements and expansion of the City of Milford water system. Impact fees are established to help ensure that the cost associated with such construction, improvements and expansion of the water system is borne by those who generate an additional impact on the existing system. We have water, wastewater and electric impact fees. Through this system, more of the costs, or impacts, of new development are borne by that new development, rather than current customers. Similarly, the Carlisle Enhancement Fund Program can help the Fire Company pay for the costs associated with expanded demands for their services associated by growth in our community.” According to Mr. Norenberg, the balance in the account currently is $252,121.

The Carlisle Fire Company is in the beginning stages of planning the new ambulance building so there is no date for construction to start or for the building to be completed. City Council approved the request with a vote of 6 to 0.

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