Milford Welcomes New City Engineer


Recent City of Milford hires (r) Suzannah Frederick and Erik Retzlaff.
By Terry Rogers

When he heard that the City of Milford was looking for an engineer, Erik Retzlaff said he jumped at the chance. He was already familiar with the City’s infrastructure after working with Davis, Bowen & Friedel on City projects.

“I feel confident I can provide valuable guidance to determine and implement sustainable solutions to the issues that they face,” Mr. Retzlaff said. “Also, I know the City has a lot of great people working there and I was excited to work with them.

Mr. Retzlaff was born and raised in Milford, graduating from Milford High School before studying Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech. When he struggled financially trying to finish his degree at Georgia Tech, he came back to Milford to work periodically so he could save money to complete his degree. He was presented with an opportunity to help finance his education and finished with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

“I held many jobs while working through college, ranging from research lab technician to drafter,” Mr. Retzlaff said. “I gained most of my applicable engineering experience while employed at Davis, Bowen & Friedel for over 15 years. My biggest challenge as the City Engineer will be dealing with an aged infrastructure and bridging the gap between maintaining the current level of service and responsibly expanding the system to accommodate growth in the area.”

Working with the dedicated City staff is one of the things that Mr. Retzlaff is looking forward to in his new position as he works with them to improve the reliability of utilities and make Milford the wonderful place that it is to live. He said that he feels that his experience with Davis, Bowen & Friedel gives him a better idea of the City’s needs.

“I have been working on projects for the City of Milford and with City staff since 2000 and have intimate knowledge of the City’s infrastructure,” Mr. Retzlaff said. “My past experience working with both the City and neighboring municipalities provides me with a unique perspective on regional issues as well.”

Mr. Retzlaff said that his main focus is to streamline current operations while identifying and addressing problematic areas in the City. He also plans to assess the useful life of existing infrastructure assets in his new position with the City of Milford.