Class is Back in Session


Tuesday, September 5 marked the first day of the 2017-2018 school year for all students in the Milford School District. With summer break officially over, families were excited to begin a new year in the classroom.

Norma Stutzman Prepared her daughter Elliana for her first ever day of school as they walked into Morris Early Childhood Development during Kindergarten Orientation on Thursday, August 31. “Elliana is excited about all her new friends in her class as well as learning math and reading,” said Stutzman. “I am looking forward to her getting a start in reading. She has always loved books, and I think that reading on her own will open an exciting new world for her.”

According to school officials, Kindergarten is not only about students learning academics but also the start of socializing with others and the start of building a foundation that will shape their personality and worldview. “I hope she grows in self confidence in what she can accomplish and learn. Instead of saying I can’t, learning to say I’ll try”” said Stutzman . “I also hope she learns real life skills like relating to her classmates and respect for authority.”


Back to School 2017

Back to School 2017
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Sandy Soucek, at Benjamin Banneker Elementary, returned for her 25th year of teaching primary school. Just like every year in August, Soucek is excited to meet her new class. “I look forward to all the little personalities that enter my classroom. They bring their enthusiasm, their challenges, and their willingness to learn,” she said. “We become a family from the start and build a classroom community where we encourage and support each other every day.”

Kelly Sharp, at Mispillion Elementary School, is returning for her 12th school year teaching 4th grade in the Milford School District. She is excited about learning more about her students and says that she enjoys seeing them learn new concepts and ideas. “My favorite part of teaching is when you see the ‘light bulb’ finally go off when students are trying to learn a new or challenging concept,” said Sharp. “It makes our job very rewarding.”

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