My Fitness Goals


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Weight is something I have struggled with for years. Being short and dumpy runs in my family so the struggle is real for sure. I have been down the personal trainer route and got some amazing results and I have just focused on doing it myself as well, but if you are someone like me who sets their mind to getting fit and healthy and then fall off the wagon as quick as getting on it, you will understand the struggle.

I was extremely happy when I heard that Planet Fitness was coming to town as I know how they operate their gyms. Even as a guy it can be off putting with a bunch of bro’s all around you. Yes they have put in all the hard work to look great but on the flip for us people who are struggling, it can be a little intimidating. So I waited till they opened and decided that here is where I get my butt back in gear.

Will I be as crazy fit as I was with a personal trainer? NO, but will I feel better and healthier? YES. So my journey has started. I did the dreaded weigh in. I knew it was bad but it’s good to have a goal going in. We are heading off on the Eagle 97.7 cruise next April so I am using that as my goal. So I weighed in at 260 (YIKES) but as I said I knew it was bad, so I cut out all the bad carbs and I have been only eating one good carb a day, and getting myself to the gym 4-5 times a week. My goal is to be 200lbs but the time the cruise arrives.

It can be a struggle time wise, as we all have crazy work and personal schedules, but I try to make it happen and if I can’t I try to do something at home.  Just some step ups on the front step of the house or some sprints up and down the driveway just to keep me moving. I am lucky as I don’t have a sweet tooth but my downfall is pizza and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that stuff as good as it tastes is really the devil and not good for you. Now I don’t want this piece to come over as all preachy because I struggle daily and I really do.

What works best for me, is a goal and what to eat and what not to eat. If I am honest, mapping out food and spending a couple of hours on a Sunday morning cooking for the week works best for me as it stops me from picking at stuff I shouldn’t. If I have food with me I eat that and I am good. If I forget it then that’s when the temptation kicks in to be bad and think to myself oh it’s just a slice, or it’s just a few fries, etc.

My plan isn’t for everyone but this is what I am working on right now:

Eat 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day (lways have either chicken, turkey, fish in every meal, but no pork).

Learn how many calories your body needs per day tThe app My Fitness Pal is awesome and really helps).

Eat enough protein for your bodyweight (My Fitness Pal app helps with that too).

Drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (very important).

Make sure to ALWAYS eat breakfast (eggs are quick and easy).

Eliminate processed sugars from your dietary plan (sugar substitutes are really not good for you).

I have been following this and as I type I am down from 260 to currently 235. Next challenge to get out of the 230’s. I have some good diet plans that I would be happy to share with anyone who would like them so feel free to email me and let’s do this together. Having a fitness friend is also a huge key to helping, and if you see me at Planet Fitness make sure you say hi.

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