Milford Musings from Gaffney


Guest Writer Dan Gaffney, Talk Show Host Delaware 105.9 FM

      Larry King, the broadcaster of radio and TV fame was once known as a columnist in the USA Today newspaper.  Each week he would fill the space with random musings from his mind with no apparent central theme.  “I like cats.”  “Is there any better actor than Al Pacino?” “Even though I’m Jewish, I love the smell of a Christmas Tree.” he might write in succession.   I loved reading it, and now that I have been given the opportunity to occupy space here on Milford Live, I am proud to mimic that format. Is mimic, just another word for stealing?   

     Milford might be the largest city in our State of Delaware without a downtown bank.  I can only think of one place downtown with an ATM.  Is this an opportunity for a financial institution? Milford has more pizza place’s per capita that any other Delaware city, I’m convinced of it.  La’Ortalana near Gigante Market is in the running for the best.

     I love walking around Goat Island, but miss seeing actual goats. I like the idea of MART (Movies At Riverfront Theater).  All seats are five dollars and the schedule is up at  The theater is a great community asset that all should take advantage of.

     Milford is a two newspaper town, and both bother me when they are thrown on my lawn like trash without my permission.  Speaking of trash, I think our city sanitation workers should wear safety yellow.  I don’t want them to get hit.

     How hard would it be for someone to get permission to do Mispillion River boat cruises?  In the evening or during the Farmers Market times on Saturday it would be fun to take a ride from the Riverwalk.  I bet too much government red tape involved.

     Every time I drive by the old Lou’s Bootery I am reminded that renovations on the building have come to a screeching halt.  Is it money or something more serious holding up the works?  Touch of Italy moving into the old bank building downtown still has me excited, but work there seems to have stopped as well.

     Could a year round farmers market be set up inside the Armory?  Like a mini Redding Terminal Market.  That would be cool. I can still imagine the smell of burning rubber from the days of the downtown go cart races.  That was a great event. If Milford Live would want to do a live video podcast, I would be up for hosting it.

     Recently much was said about the potential of a local motel being tagged as a “nuisance property” because the crime committed there takes up police time and resources.  What about our local Wal-Mart?  Police are called there often because of crime.  Who gets more calls, the inn or the super store?  I guess the store.   

     Speaking of Wal Mart, I hear grocery pick-up where one orders food online, and the picks up same day at the store is coming to Milford.  The service that saves customers having to walk the store to pick out groceries in favor of store employees picking and packing it up for you is already in Camden.  My daughter calls this “lazy Americans”, but I say it’s a huge time saver.

    As I write this I am craving BiBi’s Taqueria tacos.  I’ll grab four and a Coke made with sugar and not corn syrup.  Will I see you there?