Starbucks to Open in Milford Plaza


By Terry Rogers

On Tuesday, September 18, Maggie Jantzen, a spokesperson for Starbucks, confirmed that the company will be opening a café and drive-thru location in Milford Plaza on Route 113. Ms. Jantzen said that the new Starbucks would be located in the addition under construction in the south end of the shopping center in front of Advanced Auto Parts.

“Starbucks is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of our customers,” Ms. Jantzen said. “The store is tentatively set to open in early 2018, although we do not have a firm opening date as of yet. We will be releasing more information about the new store in the coming months.”

Starbucks was founded in 1971 in Seattle, Washington. The company was founded by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Jerry Baldwin who met while students at the Univeristy of San Francisco. The three planned to sell high-end coffee beans and roasting equipment designed by Alfred Peet after he taught the men his style of coffee brewing. They named the company after the chief mate in “Moby Dick.” They considered the name “Cargo House” and “Pequod.” Bowker, who also owned an ad agency, was advised by his partner in that business, Terry Heckler, that words that began with “St” were powerful. The men brainstormed “St” names and, when someone pulled out an old Cascade Range mining map, suggested “Starbo.” Bowker remembered “Starbucks” from Moby Dick and the three decided it worked.

“Moby Dick had nothing to do with the coffee shop other than it was coincidental that the sound seemed to make sense,” Bowker said in an interview. For the first five years, the company sold roasted whole coffee beans, but did not brew their own to sell. The only brewed coffee was handed out as samples in order to promote the beans they sold out of their 2000 Western Avenue location. Initially, they purchased green coffee beans from Peet’s before buying directly from growers. In 1976, they moved to 1912 Pike Place Market, adding espresso to their menu. In 1984, the original owners purchased Peet’s, despite the fact that coffee sales in the 1980s were declining. However, sales of specialty coffees were increasing and, by 1986, Starbucks operated six stores in the Seattle area.

The original owners sold the company to Howard Schultz, a former manager, in 1987. He rebranded his own line of stores, then known as Il Giornale, as Starbucks, expanding the company. Stores opened in Chicago and British Columbia that same year and there were 46 stores across the North and Midwest by 1989. Starbucks popularized bold, dark roasted coffee and today, they are not just passionate about coffee, but about everything included with a full coffee house experience. The company also offers premium tea, pastries and other baked goods as well.


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