Clothing, Backpack Program Assists Students


By Terry Rogers 

Two programs at Milford High School are designed to assist students in a variety of ways. Amanda Frampton, a teacher and coach at Milford High School, said that the Closing Closet and Backpack Program were put together by students and teachers in an effort to assist students who may be struggling.

“The Clothing Closet helps students who otherwise cannot afford dress code clothing so that they have access to polo shirts and khaki pants,” Ms. Frampton said. “These items are collected at the end of each year from graduating seniors who generously donate clothing that they will no longer need. The closet also provides dresses for students for homecoming and prom which are collected throughout the year.” Shawn Snyder, Principal of Milford High School, told the Milford Board of Education that, at the end of the year, seniors are provided the opportunity to dress in non-uniform clothing if they donate items to the Clothing Closet.

The Backpack Program is a partnership between Milford High School and the Milford Food Bank. The school provides the Food Bank with fresh and canned foods which are then placed in backpacks for students to take home. In order to receive the backpacks, an application must be completed by parents, teachers or students. The entire program is funded by the Milford Food Bank.

“There are numerous ways that students are identified,” Ms. Frampton said. “Some are as simple as a student requesting food or clothing. Other processes empower teachers and parents to refer students who may need assistance. Our staff felt these programs were important and the group who organizes these efforts is extraordinary. We care about our students at Milford High School and that comes through in the way we support our kids.”

Ms. Frampton said that donations are accepted throughout the year and that the Clothing Closet will accept uniform items as well as prom or homecoming dresses. Anyone wishing to make a donation can contact Kate Lynch at Ms. Frampton said that students struggle with outerwear as weather changes so the Clothing Closet tries to collect as many hooded items as possible within dress code compliance. The Closet can also use crew neck sweaters, sweatshirts and cardigans for students to use during cold months.

“If students are hungry or cold, they aren’t ready to learn,” Ms. Frampton said. “We have a responsibility to address those needs and, in doing so, demonstrate that we are a family here and take care of each other. Our new assistant principal, Dr. John Epstein, spearheaded this effort and helped to facilitate the organization of the clothing closet and backpack program.”

Ms. Frampton said that other schools in the district have versions of the same programs to benefit students in elementary and middle school grades. Anyone interested in donating to those programs can reach out to the specific school or contact the Milford School District office at 302-422-1600.