Delmarva Broadcasting set as Parade Announcers


Staff Report

Milford’s parade committee has announced the Official Radio Stations of this year’s annual community parade. “Delmarva Broadcasting family of stations will provide services as Masters of Ceremonies at each of the three reviewing stands. Eagle 97.7, Cool 101.3, and Delaware 105.9 will keep the audience informed as entries march past them,” states Charles Gray, Parade Chairperson. The MCs provide entry information and parade information as the night proceeds.

As the Official Radio Stations, each provides an avenue of communication for each entry with the community and audience. “Sometimes the information provided by the entries to the committee is two months old and an entry may have changed their vehicle or decorations. Our MCs must be talented enough to be able to read from a script and adjust as they visually see what the audience sees,” remarked Mr. Gray. “We are honored to have the three stations assist us as they have for many years and the stations talented staff has never disappointed the crowds.”

Representing Eagle 97.7 at the City Hall stand is Gary and Leah, with Gary’s return and Leah’s first parade, their commentary will be on point. Susan Monday and Rob Petree from Delaware 105.9 will be announcing at the Church of God Milford stand. On air, these two provide insight into the listeners thoughts on various current topics. Rounding out the third reviewing stand located at the Milford Plant and Garden/Country Flowers location, is Dana McDonald and Paula Sangeleer the hippest, coolest DJs in the morning and primetime on Cool FM101.3. Other on-air favorites will be in the parade including Norm, Sean, Tom, and Petch & Jhas as well.

Reviewing stands offer a place where a vendor is nearby as well as portable restrooms and an MC. The parade proceeds down South and North Walnut Streets passing by the reviewing stands at each location described. Chairs and blankets can be found placed early in the day to reserve places along the road for families and their families. The parade leaves the line-up area at 6:30pm and arrives downtown approximately 6:50pm. Vendors will be set and ready to serve by 5-5:30pm. The MCs have stories of unusual or special entries they have seen over the years.

Imagine what a radio personality might say when they see an elephant walking down the parade route. Jim Gray, Chairman of the Board, mentioned “Senator Simpson brought an actual living elephant down the street of Milford. We have had an inflated rhino brought through on a trailer. We have also had an oxe through the parade several times. We have also seen a smoky dragon float. Some of our entries have been very creative and over the top. We know of several that anticipate learning of the theme so they can sit down as a family and decide what they are going to create.”

This year’s Community Parade, themes To the Stars and Beyond, will take place on the evening of Wednesday, October 18. An event that has been a Milford tradition since 1939, the Milford Community Parade marches through Walnut Street of Milford, encompassing 1.7 miles stretching from South to North, through beautiful and scenic downtown Milford. For more information about the parade, individuals are encouraged to contact the chairperson at

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