MSD Welcomes 72 into Safety Patrol


The Milford School District inducted 72 new members into the elementary safety patrol programs on October 11, 2017. The swearing in ceremony was officiated by Judge John Adams. Benjamin Banneker Elementary welcomed 30 new members to their Bulldogs B.E.S.T. Brigade. Lulu M. Ross inducted 26 students into the Ross Paw Patrol. Mispillion Elementary added 16 students to their PRIDE Patrol. The program works with the Milford Police Department and the AAA Mid-Atlantic Foundation for Safety and Education to promote safety in our schools.

Banneker Bulldogs B.E.S.T. Brigade: Jordyn Adams,Alexis Alvarado,Alexander Bauer,Kailie Burrow ,Nylejah Cahtu,Judah Carroll,Treyvon Celius,Christian Cooke,Isabel Davila,Michael Pittman,Sinai Duffie,Adrianna Gamb,oa Alvarado,Jayden Gregg,Shaeonna Harmon, Kellan Hajek,Nyasia Hicks,Arianna Hughes-Dupree,Ashlyn Jordan,Liam Kilgore,Shirley Legros,Noah Marcelle,Rylee Melvin,DeAndre Mifflin,Tae’Quan Parker,Marlin Perez Arreaga,Cecilia Pierce,Sophia Pierce,Lara Pink,Zoey Redden and Caroline Snarksy.

Ross Paw Patrol: Rory Lewis,Jaziz Carvahal-Pacheco,Matthew Parsons,Nina Cusick,Samantha Bennett,Mackenzie Peers,Charlie Little,Nathan Law,Maya Jones,Yairiam Martinez,Thomas Davis, Logan Huey,Yaid Gamoboa Martinez, Iris Sisson,Kara Sivels,Mallory Vincent,Aidan Wright,Angel Daniels,Jessica Hudson,Ariana Dominguez-Ruiz,Shane Maull,Jovani Cortez,Billy Sandoval Santos,Aiden Stubbs,Kaman Christopher and Michael Southard.

Mispillion PRIDE Patrol: Austin Webb,Kayla Kiker,Mackenzie Bogan,Bailey Masten,Jillian Richardson,Edgar Perez-Morales,Angel Hampton,Vahsti Jarillo-Villa,Amani May,Leajah Cannon,James Pattillo,Anita Bamaca-Morales,Jaden Gabbard,
Kiersten Todd,Christian West and Hanifah El Martini.


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