City Addresses Roadway Conditions


By Terry Rogers


On Monday, October 9, Milford City Council was presented with a Pavement Condition Report conducted by two University of Delaware engineering program interns, Michael Markakis and Xander Arroyo. The interns used a program created by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Paver, which allowed them to input data regarding Milford’s paved roads in order to get insight into the condition of the roads throughout the City.

“The program tells the City where to send people out for repairs,” Mark Whitfield, Director of Public Works, said. “The type of cracking can determine what types of repairs we need to make. It also allows us to partner with utilities to coordinate road and utility repairs that are necessary underneath those roads.

According to Mr. Markakis and Mr. Arroyo, the program indicated that 51 percent of the roads in Milford were in good or satisfactory condition while 21 percent were in fair condition. It was also determined that 26 percent of the road throughout the City are in poor, very poor or serious condition. The goal, however, is that 80 percent of roads should be in good or satisfactory condition with no more than 15 percent in fair and 5 percent in poor condition. This indicates that Milford falls below average when it comes to the condition of roads.

“Keep in mind that this survey was completed prior to the work done on Airport Road,” Mr. Whitfield explained. “The first road they were sent to survey was Airport Road which was in very bad condition. The repairs to that road will help improve the percentages, but we still have a lot of work to do. The average lifespan for streets in residential areas is about ten years and many of the roads in town are getting to the point we need to address them.”

The report stated that the next steps would be to focus on maintenance of streets that were determined to be in fair condition and to address the streets that were found to be in poor, very poor or serious condition. In addition, the City will be able to implement a five-year improvement plan that will allow them to evaluate the condition of underground utilities, evaluate curbs and sidewalks as well as identify funding for improvements.

Mr. Whitfield said that the Public Works Department was planning to do a similar project for sidewalk conditions in the near future.

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