MilfordLIVE Kicks off Year 8


This October, is kicking off its eighth year as a leading digital media business in Milford, DE. With over 360 Weekly Reviews, 6,700 articles and 841 photo galleries, has covered what it means to experience life in Milford. Providing an in-depth look at the events and issues that effect residents and visitors, the business has created an online community where conversations can start and be shared among thousands of readers.

The first issue of The Weekly Review featured the Grand Opening of the Milford Central Academy school and the Milford Community Parade. Since then, the Weekly Review has delivered weekly news on community events, education, business, government, culture and local sports. Beginning with a list of one hundred readers, now shares their news and information with thousands of Kent and Sussex residents every day.

Created by locals Bryan Shupe ands Dave Burris in 2010, writer Terry Rogers joined the team in 2011 as the lead community reporter on the streets of Milford. She soon became a local favorite helping community organizations spread awareness for their causes, bringing businesses a new market to advertise and keeping residents informed on their state and local government. Writing hundreds of local news stories, Terry has enjoyed “learning more about the people and events that make Milford a great city.”

“Through Milford Live, I have met some amazing, inspirational people who show me that it is possible to achieve anything if you put your mind to it,” said Rogers. “From a retired Philadelphia policewoman who went from being overweight and unhealthy to winning gold medals at the Senior Olympics after one year of training to a young man who worked and drove an hour each way to earn his college degree so his parents did not have to go into debt that now is working at the US Senate. These people inspire me to work harder and do more.”

Terry is also a member of the Greater Milford Chamber of Commerce as she serves on the Riverwalk Freedom Festival Committee and a Commissioner of the Milford Museum.



Sports writer and photographer Kevin Eickman joined the team in 2012 and added a necessary and much desired component to the company as he introduced full coverage of Milford sports. Writing hundreds of sports stories while taking thousands of photos of local athletes in action, Eickman has enjoyed “attending so many games and watching how the youth of Milford develop over time.”

“To be able to focus on where I live and what I am a part of is fantastic. As the years have passed, the more I have developed an appreciation for the eclectic community that is growing right in front of our eyes,” said Eickman. “In covering primarily high school sports, I continue to be amazed by the young citizens that are constantly being produced by the staff at Milford. Speaking with coaches and administrators, but more importantly seeing it with my own eyes, it’s fantastic to see our youth develop. I’ve watched them head off to college, into the work force, the military or wherever. Many have come back home and are now contributing to the community themselves.”

In 2017 Sports Reporter TJ Millman joined the sports pages as he started covering Milford High School winter and spring sports. “The thing I enjoy most about my experiences is getting to watch athletes succeed. I love seeing the thrill on a kid’s face when they finally get things right, and I love the excitement on a sideline when games are close,” said Millman. “Seeing athletes thrive under pressure is great because you know how hard they worked to put themselves in that position, and to see them rewarded for that is a special experience.” Millman is currently one semester away from obtaining his Secondary English Education Degree from the University of Delaware.

At the beginning of 2015, Sara Pletcher joined the team as she helped develop a new design for The Weekly Review and advertisements for marketing partners. Her presence has brought a new focus on keeping the business involved in the community as she has helped expand its reach with Milford events through several organizations.

“Milford is more than my hometown, it’s a community that bonds during difficult times and celebrates big and little milestones together,” said Pletcher. “I’m proud to work for a small business that shares all of that and more with our community.”

Pletcher is the Vice President of DMI, on the DMI Promotions Committee, member and St. John’s Eucharistic Minister and a Commissioner on the City of Milford’s Planning Commission. She was recently honored as a top Delaware entrepreneur under 40 by the Delaware Business Times. continues its efforts to help local businesses increase their sales with personalized marketing packages. With 76% of consumers reading their news online, according to Pew Research Center, has been able to provide the local business
community with a resource to connect with consumers, build a brand and attract leads. To ensure that their business partners are reaching their desired audience, uses the power of email, internet and social media. By providing personalized marketing through 3 unique venues, the company strengthens a business’ ability to reach new and existing customers. Businesses interested in receiving a free consultation can contact Bryan at or 302-542-9231 for a free personalized marketing plan.

“One thing about Bryan, you see a lot of him. He does more than sell you advertising. He’s trying to grow your business. He’s always asking if we’re getting the right response to our ads or if we want to tweak the message. Since we’ve been with Bryan, our business has grown by 100 percent,” stated Kevin Reading, Owner of Abbott’s Grill in Milford, DE. “Everyone seems to read the Review and they support its advertisers. Bryan is a big supporter of the town of Milford and the town is fortunate to have him here.”

Residents and visitors to Milford can sign up for a free subscription for The Weekly Review at For daily news, individuals can view and for breaking news and community updates, individuals can visit their social media pages at and

“We are grateful to our local community, they have been so encouraging as they continue to support our efforts to inform our community through online, email and mobile venues,” said owner Bryan Shupe. “The positive comments we receive from our readers each week keep us pursuing the best coverage of local news.”

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