Nemours Invests in Southern DE Pediatrics

Photo Source – Nemours duPont Pediatrics

As Nemours prepares to build their advanced health care facility for pediatric and senior care in Milford, administration, staff and patients have been given the opportunity to place their own imprint on the construction of the new building. Located on the Bayhealth Sussex Campus just south of the new hospital, Nemours plans to occupy 35,000 square feet of the Medical Office Building located on this site. Nemours will offer specialty services such as neurology, endocrinology, allergy, orthopedics, physical and speech therapy, radiology and MRI.

Currently Nemours offers primary care and senior care in Milford but specialists are located in Northern Delaware. “We are finally brining specialized services to a part of Delaware the has not had them available before,” said Ann Hurst, Administrator, Ambulatory Operations, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. “This is also the first time Nemours is co-locating pediatric and senior services in one place”

Hurst is excited for the spectrum of care that will be offered on the Milford campus and states that patients will have an easier time receiving holistic care. “Right now as a health system we are delivering services to patients in pieces,” said Hurst. “This campus will offer a central location for total wellness and health for children.” 

She states that families will be able to take advantage of doctors, education professionals, nutritionists, and support groups as they care for their children in a proactive way. “We want people to begin thinking of Nemours services not only when children are sick but as a resource to help their kids grow, develop and maintain their health.”

To ensure that services are provided to patients in the best way possible, Nemours has been facilitating an Integrative Facility Design (IFD) approach to construction that helps maximize flow and positive outcomes for families they will serve. IFD Specialist Matt Snavely explains that this process combines several methods of engineering to help ensure, through input, that the new space will be maximized for the best possible outcomes including efficiency and final output.

“No one knows their opportunities better than [the staff] do,” said Snavely. “We use the daily processes from their perspective to develop the final product.”

Snavely is excited about the project and stresses that the importance of the Nemours facility for downstate Delaware. “This project will meet the needs of the community and the region,” he said. “There is a big need for this specialized care and now the only resource people have is to drive upstate to see world class specialists. This will honor Alfred [I. duPont’s] intent to serve all of Delaware. Patients will have the best care they can possibly get.”

Located on the Sussex Bayhealth Campus, just south of the new hospital, Nemours hopes to begin construction in 2018 with an estimated opening in the fourth quarter of 2019.

“We want the community to know that we are here for them, to make their lives better,” said Snavely. “We are filling the service gap that exists in lower Delaware and bringing a level of care that has not been experienced by local families before now.” 

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