You Can Have Your Own Show



Guest Writer Paula Sangeleer, Middays on Cool 101.3

You actually do have your own show, and it’s the ultimate reality show. You are the creator of the story. You are the Executive Producer, the Head Writer, the Director, the Casting Agent, the Prop Master, and of course the Star ! Think about your life as your very own show. You are in charge. The thought can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Yes, it’s all up to you. Sure, sometimes outside life things, or death things happen. It’s all how you react to these things that determine how your story goes. As the producer of your show, it’s important to make sure it comes out like a show, or even a movie, that you would want to see and maybe even win an award for.

See it as a book, a movie, a TV show, a play, a sporting event, a concert, or whatever works for you. Then run it as if it’s in the programming lineup with all the rest, because it is! Who are your co-stars? Do you have villains to remover from the story? Is there beautiful scenery in your show? Is there plenty of humor in the show? Go ahead, surround yourself with everything you love, and don’t take it all too seriously. Take care of that Star in your show, yes yourself, so that you can stay on for many seasons.

Imagine you win a lifetime achievement award, either posthumously or near the end of it all. What will they say about the amazing show and all the work you did as the main character? Will they say you were great at helping others run their shows too? Will they say you were nice, and generous, and funny, and caring? Did your co-stars take care of you when you were sad, did they help you when you needed them? You are on the stage and screen of life. Everyone’s watching, well sometimes, most people are just concerned with their own production. So what do you want to put out there, to be seen or not? You are the artist here, go ahead, express yourself. When you don’t know what to do, dig up some old cliches from Grandma, could be an entertaining scene-you catch more flies with honey then vinegar, a penny saved is a penny earned, it’s all fun and games til someone loses an eye.

Remember, YOU are in charge of this show, make it a good one, make it one that others want to emulate, make it one people point to and say “that is how it’s done”! Most of all have fun because as we know, your show can be canceled at any time. At that point, I hope your show had been the very best balance of an adventure, a great love story, a comedy, a drama, and an family story! Go have a production meeting with yourself, the season is in progress, good luck, Star.

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