Sisters Chase the American Dream


By Terry Rogers

Sisters Rous and Marie Robles say that when they moved to Milford from Puerto Rico nine years ago, they dreamed of the delicious baked goods that made them think of their native land, especially when they were suffering from homesickness. They often talked about wishing there was a Puerto Rican bakery nearby where they could get a taste of home. On Saturday, December 16, that wish became reality when they opened “My Sister’s Fault” bakery at 10 Southwest Front Street in Milford with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

“My Sister’s Fault is the best way to describe our relationship because, as sisters, we blame ourselves not only for the mistakes but also for the successes,” Rous said. “We want the best for each other and we always rely on each other to make decisions, whether the results are good or bad, so it is always ‘my sister’s fault.’”

The bakery carries Puerto Rican inspired items that the sisters learned to make as they were growing up. In addition to pasteries and other baked items, My Sister’s Fault will also carry a breakfast menu that includes many Puerto Rican favorites, such as egg, ham and cheese served with pan sobao as well as what they are calling the “mini sandwich.”

“We learned from our mom since we were little,” Rous said. “We also attended the University del Este in Puerto Rico where we studied culinary arts and hospitality. We complement each other. I am the baker, the creative one, the dreamer, the one that always has the vision. Angie, the cook, is the one who made these visions and dreams come true. She is the lead, she does not allow me to settle for less than greatness and always pushes us to our limits.”

The sisters said they began realizing that their dream of a Puerto Rican bakery was possible when they met Mike Canevari who operated a bakery at the same location until the passing of his wife, Cynthia.

“Mike expressed that he was no longer going to continue with his bakery and that’s when we knew our dreams could come true,” Rous said. “Since Mike already had the bakery in place, he helped us through the entire process. Thanks to him, everything went smoothly, and we are so excited to bring our favorite Puerto Rican dishes to Milford.” Rous said the hardest part about opening the bakery was the lack of sleep as the two sisters and their families worked an average of 18 to 20 hours a day to be sure everything was ready.

“We are so happy to have My Sister’s Fault in Milford and to attend this grand opening today,” Mayor Bryan Shupe said at the ribbon cutting. “It is an incredible story, them coming from Puerto Rico and working at Perdue as they worked to make their dream come true. Now, they are business owners and we are looking forward to watching them grow and succeed.”

The bakery is open Saturdays and Sundays from 8 AM until 3 PM. They are also open Monday through Friday by appointment for special occasions.


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