Meet the Author at Milford Library


By Terry Rogers

Maximo Castellanos says he loves stories, whether it is making them up, writing them or reading them. It is that love of stories that led him to write and illustrate three children’s books in both English and Spanish versions. What is especially unique about Maximo is that he wrote his first book at the age of seven and is only nine years old now.

“The best part about writing the books is actually coming up with the ideas in my mind,” Maximo said. “Then it is writing and drawing the book. I really enjoy seeing the published copy of the book with my name on it.” Maximo’s latest book, “Skeleton Wars,” is the second in a series and he says he plans to write five books for the series.

On Saturday, December 23 at 10:30 AM, Maximo will be available at the Milford Public Library for a Meet the Author event. Maximo will read a chapter of his book, answer questions and sign copies of his books. All three books will be available for purchase at the event, which is free to the public, for $10.

Maximo wrote his first book, “Peter,” in English and then translated the book into Spanish. The book is about a child who escapes from an orphanage. After his escape, Peter meets an alien who becomes his friend and the two of them go on several adventures. His second book, “Big Foot Hunting,” was written in Spanish and Maximo then translated the book into English.

“Big Foot Hunting” is set in 1774 in Virginia. In the book, people are starving and the king sends a man from each town to search for Big Foot as a way to end hunger in the town. Five men are sent on the mission to find Big Foot, encountering many obstacles and dealing with their many differences along the way. The Spanish version of the book is entitled “La Busqueda de Pie-Grande.”

“Skeleton Wars” is the second in the series about the five men who embark on the search for Big Foot. In this book, one of the men, Lewis, ends up in a fight with a skeleton. After winning the fight, Lewis discovers a medallion that can transport him and his friends, Ted, Zach, Jeff and Will to a Skeleton World where they make discoveries that could change human lives. The Spanish version of the book is entitled “La Guerra de los Esqueletos.” 

Maximo’s books are available as paperbacks through

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