MHS to Offer Two New Majors


By Terry Rogers 

Milford High School has been awarded Career and Technical Education (CTE) Grants that will allow them to offer two new majors, providing students with more career opportunities upon graduation. The CTE grants, which total $25,000, will be used to create a Public and Community Health major as well as an Agricultural Structures and Engineering major at Milford High School.

“The competitive Career and Technical Education grants help finance new programming at schools,” Mr. Shawn Snyder, Principal of Milford High School, said. “These programs relate to preparing students for post-secondary success in both college and the work world. The state and federal DOE offer seed funding through these grants to help offset startup costs for a program. For example, the Public and Community Health program that was approved this year requires medical equipment for training purposes. These pieces can be very expensive. This grant covers those costs.”

Mr. Snyder said that the school began an Allied Health Program two years ago and that the program has been very popular. Enrollment has increased steadily and, with the new hospital scheduled to open in 2019, Mr. Snyder said that Milford is quickly becoming a regional hub for the healthcare industry. The Public and Community Health program is a three course CTE instruction program that engages students in a comprehensive approach to health while learning about social determinants such as poverty, discrimination and inadequate access to resources. Students will learn to view health from a medical, behavioral, social and environmental perspective.

“Students also discover methods for eliminating health inequities and bringing awareness to public policy to determine the distribution of resources needed for healthy communities,” Mr. Snyder said. “Students will explore the fields of health and human services while investigating client needs, services and the skills and attitudes required of the effective human services worker. Through exploration of the National Health Science Standards, students will acquire important skills necessary for healthcare professionals such as medical terminology, medical mathematics, communication, safety practices, legal responsibilities and teamwork.”

Mr. Snyder said that Milford has a long and proud history of offering outstanding agricultural education programs. The new major, Agricultural Structures and Engineering, will replace the current Agricultural Structures program. It is also a three-course instructional program designed to provide students with an understanding of the scientific principles and methods required to understand the interrelationships of constructions.”

“In this major, students practice real-world applications and problem-solving skills associated with agricultural designs and engineering principles,” Mr. Snyder said. “Students utilize problem solving as well as communication skills to develop engineering concepts and building practices that are sound and reliable. The program prepares students for a variety of careers including carpentry, engineering, architectural design, electrical, plumbing, masonry, construction framing, business management, sales, building maintenance, home improvement and green energy technologies. Mr. Stahl, our Agricultural Structures and Engineering teacher, actually helped develop this state model for the course. We are excited to be one of the first schools to offer this program in Delaware.”

Over the past two years, Milford has spent a lot of time redesigning the curriculum and programs of study to make sure that all students who graduate are college and career ready. Mr. Snyder said that they want every student to be in courses that offer some key opportunities, whether it be advanced college credit, real world certifications, internships or a combination of all of those opportunities. It is the goal of Milford High School to see that each graduate leaves the school prepared for the 21st century.

“Milford High School has done extraordinary work in developing and redesigning programs of study for students,” Dr. Kevin Dickerson, Superintendent, said. “The recent CTE Innovation grant award allows MHS to continue expanding student majors and opportunities. We look forward to these majors providing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in related postsecondary education programs and careers. WE commend our MHS staff and administration for embracing new educational opportunities for our students and focusing on instructional strategies to best prepare our students for future success.”

Mr. Snyder said that the school will continue to explore new opportunities for students each year. He said that the curriculum at Milford is evaluated throughout the year and that if opportunities arise where the school can provide students with additional educational experiences, they welcome the chance to do so. They are hoping to add Project Lead the Way’s Engineering program which would be geared toward students interested in studying engineering in college. This would allow students to explore mechanical, aerospace and chemical engineering through the program.


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