Are you prepared?


Guest Writer Steve Monz, Afternoons on Cool 101.3

Every week I do a podcast called The Cool Deadcast. It is a 30 minute recap of the television show The Walking Dead on AMC. We constantly talk about what items you want to have ready in the event there is a zombie apocalypse. Food that will not spoil and is lightweight, some type of weapon for impaling zombies on the go, a flashlight to see scary things in the dark, a walkie talkie to speak with other survivors and stuff like that. A Bug-Out-Bag as it is called in the event you have to pick up and “Bug Out”. It’s a far-fetched fantasy that actually has relevance to today’s world.

Take last week for example. A blizzard that kinda caught many people off guard. Are you prepared for whatever life throws at you? I had an old SUV with over 300,000 miles on it. Every time I got in it I prepared myself in the event I broke down and needed to walk. I actually have a version of the Bug-Out-Bag now that I keep in my trunk year round. So, what goes in such a bag Steve? Glad you asked. You can put whatever you want in your bag. There are no rules. However, there are some essentials you should not overlook.

First Aid Kit. Even if it is just band aids. But the more elaborate, the more prepared you are for any injury.
Duct Tape. It can fix just about anything. Even as a band aid in a pinch.

Jumper Cables. They are like the paddles they use to bring people back to life. Only for your car.

Snacks. Sounds silly, but anything to hold you over if you are stuck for several hours.

Blanket. I always keep a blanket in the car year round. To keep warm or for a spontaneous picnic.

Umbrella. If you need to walk you will appreciate the umbrella for rain or sun.

Water. I always keep an unopened bottle of water in my car.

Winter seasons you should have an ice scraper, small shovel and a small bag of kitty litter. It provides amazing traction if you get stuck in snow. Gloves, boots and those warming packets are also good to have. And snacks. Always have snacks.

Now obviously you can get carried away with having too many items. Be smart about it. They should be items you absolutely need and can carry. And make sure to consolidate everything into one bag. Maybe a backpack. Remember, the key is to be able to grab and go. You can purchase a complete bug out bag with more items than you will ever need. But they can cost you hundreds of dollars. I’ve found that you can slowly build your bag. Add something each week. Before you know it you will be ready for the end of the world. All of this may sound paranoid. It’s not. It’s called being prepared for what life throws at you. And it makes more sense than rushing out to get milk, bread and toilet paper. Toilet paper… not a bad idea to throw that in too.

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