Rock through the flu season


Guest Writer Paula Sangeleer, Middays on Cool 101.3

Dealing with a bout of influenza is no picnic, and it’s no joke either. It is certainly a good idea to follow your healthcare providers recommendation plus a few remedies from Grandma. I recently had flu and found myself home for a couple days so as not to infect my co-workers. That’s where my recommendation for flu medicine comes in-take seven rock documentaries and call me in the morning.

Between Netflix and Hulu, I managed to recover from my symptoms nicely by being distracted by some awesome rock and roll stories about some favorite artists. Here are some of my favorites: Foo Fighters-Back and Forth, this one’s a really great look at how the band started and all the personnel changes through the years, made me feel eager for the next Foo Fighters concert, July in Philly. Then there’s Bowie-The Man Who Changed the World, this one is real artsy and features people who were very close to Bowie, left me with a warm feeling of missing this man I never even met. Jimi Hendrix:Voodoo Child, that one is just as you would imagine, with not much that most Hendrix fans don’t know, nice one to have on while napping through the cough medicine.

Now one of my favorites on Netflix that I’ve watched more than once is Beware of Mr. Baker, this is all about Ginger Baker, drummer best known for his work in Cream. Wow is what I have to say about this guy. An amazingly wild personality and this doc has many moments where you both love and hate this guy. He’s really amazing and this one is a must see for drummers and/or anyone who wants to enjoy an absurd personality, which Mr. Baker certainly is. If you’re a bass play especially, you should check out Jaco, a two hour documentary about groundbreaking bassist Jaco Pastorius. Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo is a producer on this and worked very hard to honor Jaco’s memory and tell his story.

My very favorite of recent music documentaries that I’ve seen is Hired Gun, this one is all about the session musicians behind popular artists and bands, a truly amazing look behind the scenes. You will learn so much about some of your favorites, including some things you may rather not know, as in who’s not really as nice or gracious as you’d think they should be, ahem, Billy Joel. Finally, today I’m recommending Muscle Shoals, this one’s on Hulu. It’s a great look at the famous studio in Alabama where so many greats would seek out a magical recording experience with the Swampers.

So if you’re a music fan and a wannabe like me, go ahead and take your medicine. Rock Documentaries to nurse you through flu or any ailment you may have or if you just need to slide out of your daily reality. Do it with the musicians we admire and follow and enjoy so much. That’s just a few, there are dozens of good ones out there. Still on my to do list are some really long docs about the Eagles, Tom Petty, and George Harrison. I’d love to know which ones are your favorites. Rock on.

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