Ariana Fox Holds Book Signing


by Terry Rogers


As if calling being a “kidtrepreneur,” promoting and working in her family business at the age of 11 as well as bookings as a motivational speaker were not enough, Ariana Fox can now add author to her list of accomplishments. Arianna has written “The Princess Chronicles,” a story about best friends who happen to be princesses. Petite Sweets in Milford has planned a book signing for Arianna on March 31.

“It’s about friendship, kindness, honesty and teamwork,” Arianna said. “The main character, Princess Brooke, also learns that it’s not about herself and, although it’s good to do as much as you can for the kingdom, sometimes other people need to do things they’re good at, too.” Arianna’s parents, Mike & Trisha Fox said that the book signing is an event made for families, aspiring princesses and those that love the best cake pops in Delaware.

Arianna wanted to write the book because she sees a big need in Delaware for good lessons and values for children that won’t seem boring. The book, although geared toward little girls since the main characters are princesses, is for children of all ages and genders in order to help them learn lessons and values. Arianna said that she loves writing in her free time and that she also loves reading books and novels written by others as they provide her with ideas to improve her own writing.

She has always tried to inspire other people and, one morning, her parents asked her if she would be interested in inspirational speaking to kids, teens and tweens. Arianna had mentioned wanting to inspire others to her parents long ago, but was not sure how to go about doing it. Today, her company Big Ideas Kid Coaching focuses on doing just that. She is very excited about the book signing coming up at Petite Sweets.

“To do a book signing anywhere is a total pleasure, but I’m very excited for this event at Petite Sweets,” Arianna said. “I’m excited that it will be a Princess event so that the kids can have fun and, at the same time, check out the book. All the activities for the children during this event sound awesome and it definitely goes with the theme of princesses. I’m very excited and hyped up for it. Also, it’s a cake pop shop, sweets shop basically, so it could possibly attract kids.”

The owners of Petite Sweets, Albert and Keila Sierra, are also excited to be holding Arianna’s book signing at their downtown Milford shop.

“We at Petite Sweets, a small business owned by two entrepreneurs, support, encourage and believe everyone should follow their dreams, especially children who are the next generation,” Mr. Sierra said. “We are honored to have Arianna Fox come and be an inspiration to our children and motivate them to follow their dreams. Children are our future!”

At the end of every speech she gives, Arianna states what she calls her mantra “You rock, dream big and you got this!” She wants people, especially children, teens and tweens that they can achieve any goal they set and that they should not let others, whether they are people, influencers, problems or obstacles, stop them. As for her own goals, Arianna said that beyond what she is doing now, she believes she wants to be an author.

“Like I said, I’m always wanting to write books,” Arianna said. “It’s more than just a hobby. Aside from the children’s book, I am in the process of writing a fiction novel for teens and young adults called “False Awakening, where the character is fighting bad guys through a dream within a dream as well as a novel series called “The Adventure Series,” where the main characters seem like ordinary kids, but they really aren’t. So, yeah, I guess you could say I like writing.”

The illustrations in the book were complete by an intern at her parent’s company, Splash Designworks LLC in Milford, DE. Annabell Bailor was doing graphic design work for the company and when Arianna’s parents found out she did watercolor, they hired her for the book. Arianna said the illustrations were what took the longest to finish the book.

Arianna said that the best thing about what she does is seeing inspiration in kids hears and minds. She recalls one event when there was an activity with balloons where kids were supposed to try to step on each other’s balloons while protecting theirs.

“It was a very fun activity, and when I resumed talking, I said how that activity meant that you need to protect your own balloon, which represented a dream or a goal, from other people trying to pop it,” Arianna said. “I still remember one kid that came up to me after the event who told me that he knew his balloon was his dream and he would never let anyone pop it. I love seeing the inspiration in action like that, I guess. Aside from that, my favorite part is just speaking to the kids. I love public speaking and it’s always exciting when I actually get to be up there, talking to the kids just like I had rehearsed at home. It’s very rewarding.”

Although the preparation for her speaking events can be a little difficult with all the content and topics, once she is on stage in front of her audience, it is all worth it and he reward of inspiring others shines through.

The Princess Chronicles is available online at Barnes & Noble and` Amazon for $12.99 without the author’s signature. If you’d like a signed author’s copy by Arianna, whether local or anywhere, you can easily purchase the book online at , emailing her at, or by calling 302-399-7851.


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