Mollura Opens Bay 94 Studio Downtown


Local photographer John Mollura recently opened Bay 94 Studio above the Mispillion Art League on Walnut Street in downtown Milford. A former engineer, he put down his drafting tools and is now focused on a new mission to celebrate people and the stories behind the moments he captures.

An engineer for 15 years, Mollura had the opportunity to travel to exotic locations including Antartica and the Mojave Desert as he worked in the Space and Defense Program at ILC Dover in Frederica, DE. Part of an engineering team that facilitated research and development for planetary exploration, he worked in regions of the world that are largely untouched by humans. After working 12 to 15 hour days for the firm, Mollura took his camera out to capture the extraordinary scenery and experience the sites that are arguably the most beautiful in the world. 

““The beauty was found in the vast starkness, I found it very peaceful,” Mollura said. “It is interesting to think that this is what it used to be like everywhere, just you and the wild.” The challenge of capturing an experience in a single moment is what drove Mollura to direct his time towards photography. 

Although he started John Mollura Photography in  2015, Mollura fell in love with photography at an early age when he received his first camera in grade school. He loved landscape photography, but when he focused his attention on photographing human beings, he discovered something unique that changed his perception of the art form. Taking photos of people, he “realized that a lot of good could come [from photography] and it actually was a tool to drive positivity.” Mollura focused on telling the story of people and celebrating their lives through single moments in time. 

Last December, he led the Help-Portrait event in Milford that provided a free photo session, complete with photographs printed at the event, to families that would not normally have access to professional photographers. Since then he has began The Walls That Talk Project which brings together members of the artist community with individuals that don’t have many opportunities to interact with people outside of their living space. So far, he has worked with individuals at the Milford Place and Home of the Brave to share their stories with others.

“Many of these folks do not have the opportunity to interact with others on a personal level. I was blown away by their stories,” said Mollura. “It is an amazing experience to listen and watch them open up and share their lives.”

Taking a leap of faith by leaving his position as an engineer to become a full-time photographer, Mollura states that the “support of his family and a lot of prayer” helped him traverse the challenges with starting a new business. He is excited about his new location in downtown Milford and is ready to work alongside other entrepreneurs in the Studios Upstairs space as he chases his passion of “uncovering incredible.” 

At Bay 94 Studio, John Mollura Photography will focus on photography for musicians and professionals and companies that desire creative branded marketing. “I want to work with anyone with a creative mission that wants to stand apart from their competition,” said Mollura. “I truly listen to my clients and act as a guide so they can become the hero.”

To encourage others to enjoy the art of photography, Mollura will be hosting his FOCUS: Creative Clarity photography course on February 21 from 6 to 8 PM at LifeCycle in downtown Milford.  More information on Bay 94 Studio  and John Mollura Photography and to be involved with The Walls That Talk Project can be found online at, on Facebook at or on Instagram at 

“Iniside of everyone, everything, and every situation there is_something incredible waiting to be shown to the world,” said Mollura. “I want to encourage people to always pay attention and uncover the beauty around them.”

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