Tyll, Susan Join DE 105.9


Dan Gaffney, 105.9 FM WXDE

I love fanatical devotion to a craft. The devotion and passion is almost more interesting to me, than the craft itself. For example, certain artists have a fanatical and almost insane devotion to painting and that is very attractive, even if I am not a fan of the finished work of art.

I’ve spent a great amount of time on Youtube, listening to stand up comedians explain the minutia of the comedy process, yet very little time actually enjoying stand-up comedy performances, and don’t get me started on those sushi chef’s who spend decades in an attempt to make the perfect sushi roll. These are amazing people. I think I have a natural ability to recognize this trait in others.

In my profession, (talk radio host) I have met many skilled radio performers, but very few who I would consider “masters” who have devoted their life to perfecting, studying and working toward the “perfect” talk show.
After a six month nationwide search for two new talk show hosts, I have the pleasure of saying two of these “masters” have been hired at my radio station, WXDE “Delaware 105.9”. I am speaking of the new voice on the air 12 noon to 3pm, Ed Tyll; and the 3p – 6p host, Rob Sussman. These two men not only host great radio shows, but display a behind the scenes devotion rarely seen in any craft. Unlike many of their contemporaries in talk radio they are not the types to simply regurgitate a political party platform, and repeat the talking points of others. I have seen them spend hours of time carefully choosing topics that the everyman and woman might be interested in and then painstakingly consider all the nuances of what might happen if that topic is brought to air. They are the fanatical artists, the devoted performers, and the skilled sushi chefs of radio.



Local talk radio like the way it is performed on “Delaware 105.9” compared to what else is on the radio dial is like a local craft brew pub vs. Wendy’s. We are the local craft talk show station interested and devoted to hearing from the people of our area, and reflecting the values of our area. Serving up interesting made recipes of talk topics designed to stand out from the pack. I hope you will try us.

Our weekday lineup: Dan Gaffney 530am – 9am. Susan Monday 9am – 12noon. Ed Tyll noon -3pm. Rob Sussman 3p – 6pm. We are live, local and open for business. I hope to hear your voice calling in soon.

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