Black Panther is Cinematic Gold


Guest Writer Jhas Williams-Wood, Eagle 97.7

The whole world is buzzing about the cinematic gold that is Marvel Studios Black Panther movie; and just in time for Black History Month, too. The movie takes you on a whirlwind from start to finish through the fictional land of Wakanda: a technologically advanced, culture rich country that closely resembles many countries in Africa.

What makes this movie both so incredible and incredibly different from other comic based movies is the industrious writing.If you’re seeking a movie with blown up cars meant only to appease you due to lazy storytelling, Black Panther isn’t that movie. The story line is just as rich as the budget it must have taken to create such a cinematically pleasing flick.

This movie appeals to everyone, young and old; the action fanatic, the romantic, the thrill seeker and of course the one who loves a “good” bad guy. With stars like Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Angel Bassett and Lupita N’yongo the cast in itself is full of Yale School of Drama and Juilliard graduates ensuring that nothing will lack. As a movie buff, former drama student and having spent most of my career focused on radio, television and film, I have to say: even with the highest of hopes due to all of the hype, Black Panther still exceeded my expectations.

As a student of the culture, this movie is exactly what the world needed, something they had never seen: A movie with multiple women of color in places of power as leads beside and equal to male leads. And as a woman of color this movie brought me to tears. Never have I left the theatre so empowered as a woman of African decent, standing as tall and as proud from a movie that was about superheroes. I anxiously await the sequel and every movie that continues this AMAZING franchise.

I had an opportunity to interview Frederick T. Joseph who appeared on Ellen to discuss his #blackpantherchallenge in which he partnered with the Boys & Girls Club of Harlem and over 200 campaigns to send over 30,000 children to the movie. His article has been featured on the Huffington Post and since having raised over $400,000 dollars he has been very busy. Somehow, he made time to speak with me about the importance of Little Black and brown children getting to see themselves in movies where they are also depicted as superheroes. If interested, you can check out this interview and a full comedic review of the movie on the latest episode of the Podcast “Jhas and Then Some” which is on iTunes.

Enjoy the movie! And remember- Wakanda forever.

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