Pinewood Derby Brings Scouts Together


On Saturday, January 17 Pack 116 held their annual Pinewood Derby at St. Johns Church in Milford, DE. In a double elimination racing event, Cub Scouts raced their homemade cars against each other to decide the winner.

“It gives Scouts the opportunity to compete against other scouts not only in the same pack, but within the whole district,” said Scout Master Chad Wyatt. “It’s a fun project that you get to help your child build. It can be great bonding time.”

Before the event Scouts are given a pinewood derby kit that includes a block of wood, metal axels and 4 wheels. It is up to the boys and their parents to construct a wooden car from the provided materials that will race against the other pinewood derby racers.



“What the boys take away from this is safe use of power tools, study of friction, weight distribution, physics and gravity and a sense of pride and accomplishment,” said Wyatt.  “They also demonstrate good sportsmanship and happiness for others successes. The boys learn to measure, use a variety of tools, learn to paint and exercise patience. Ultimately they learn aerodynamics and woodworking skills that last them a lifetime.”

The top 6 winners at Saturday’s Pinewood Derby were Logan Huey, Grayson Weissberg, Adam Wooten, Sean Torres, Adian Wyatt and Alex Wooten.