Downtown Rite Aid Location to Close

Photo Shared on Facebook by Dan Gaffney.

by Terry Rogers

A sign on the doors of the downtown Milford Rite Aid last week informed customers that the store would be closing at the end of March. Customers were told that their prescriptions would be sent to the CVS Pharmacy located on Dupont Highway.

“The decision to close the 115 N.E. Front Street location was due to performance,” Ashley Flower, Senior Manager of Public Relations for Rite Aid, said. “Beginning March 28, customers can begin using the nearby CVS at 601 N. Dupont Boulevard in Milford for prescription needs. We are working closely with CVS to ensure a seamless transition for our patients. The decision to transfer files to CVS was because it was more convenient for our customers.” The Rite Aid location on Dupont Highway will remain open and operational, according to Flower. She did not explain why prescriptions were not transferred to the other Rite Aid location.

Associates who are currently employed at the downtown location will be placed at other Rite Aid locations in the area. In May 2018, Rite Aid and Walgreens announced that Walgreens had agreed to purchase over 1,900 Rite Aid stores as part of a larger deal. The remaining 2,500 Rite Aid stores as well as Envision Rx PBM were sold to Albertson’s, a grocery store chain. There has been no information released regarding which stores would become Walgreens and which would become Albertson’s.

According to Milford historian, Dave Kenton, the building that houses Rite Aid on N.E. Front Street was built by Brown P. Thawley in 1955 as evidenced by the cornerstone of the building. For many years, Eckerd’s Drug Store was housed in the building, but over the last decade, it has been under the name of several different national pharmacy chains.



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