Mercy, Forgiveness & Love of God


St. Faustina of Poland is the well-known apostle of Divine Mercy. On the 30th of April, 2000 at 10:00am on the Second Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday, the Feast requested by Jesus in His communications with St. Faustina), His Holiness Pope St. John Paul II celebrated the Eucharist in Saint Peter’s Square and proceeded to the canonization of Blessed Sister Faustina. Pope John Paul II himself would be canonized on this same Feast Day, April 27 in 2014 by Pope Francis. St. Faustina invites us by the witness of her life to keep our Faith and Hope fixed on God the Father, rich in mercy, who saved us by the precious Blood of His Son. During her short life, Jesus assigned to St. Faustina three basic tasks:

1. to pray for souls, entrusting them to God’s incomprehensible Mercy;

2. to tell the world about God’s generous Mercy;

3. to start a new movement in the Church focusing on God’s Mercy.

At the canonization of St. Faustina, Pope St. John Paul II said: “The cross even after the Resurrection of the Son of God speaks and never ceases to speak of God the Father Who is absolutely faithful to His eternal love for man. Believing in this love means believing in mercy.” The Lord of Divine Mercy, a painting of Jesus based on the vision given to St. Faustina shows Jesus raising his right hand in a gesture of blessing with His left hand on his heart from which gush forth two rays, one red and one white. The picture contains the message, “Jesus, I trust in You!” (Jezu ufam Tobie). The rays streaming out have symbolic meaning: red for the Blood of Jesus, the very sacramental life of the Church. White, representing water for baptism which justifies souls. The whole image is symbolic of the mercy, forgiveness and love of God.

Please join us for our Divine Mercy Service, 3pm Sunday (April 8) at St. John’s.

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