Boyle for City Council – Q&A


Mike Boyle is retired from the Army after serving on the Army Headquarters Staff.  He then went on to a successful career in the defense contracting industry managing several projects for the offices of the Under Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Defense in strategic planning, development and policy implementation. He also serves as President of the Meadows At Shawnee Homeowners Association.

Why are you running for Council?

I believe that being involved in your community is important to its vitality and enhancing its appeal as a good place to live, to put down roots and raise a family. My wife and I were attracted to Milford by its small-town atmosphere, traditional values, friendly people, and affordability. We chose Milford over other towns because we saw it as that special place to settle and to invest our future with the city. In general, we found what many look for in a hometown.

Running for election to a seat on the Milford City Council is part of my commitment to this city and its future. I decided to run for City Council because I truly believe that I can do an excellent job to serve Milford and help to make it thrive.
What experience do you plan to draw on in order to successfully serve as Councilperson?
I will draw on my years of experience in the military and as a defense analyst which have given me the understanding necessary to work with various personalities, meet a variety of challenges and find solutions to issues facing Milford. Making sound decisions is sometimes easy, but most often requires a thorough understanding of an issue and taking into account everybody’s concerns, views, and interests to reach the best resolution to an issue. This is how I will serve the 1st Ward as its Councilperson.

What are the most important issues Milford faces over the next two years, and how will you address them?

Jobs is and will remain the most important issue facing Milford. An expanded job market capable of providing good paying jobs by attracting companies large enough to provide employees, particularly our younger citizens, with career opportunities to enjoy financial growth and stability is critical.

Growth is the next most pressing issue facing Milford today. Besides the construction at Bayhealth’s new Medical Campus, in the next two years Milford will also see broad growth in the health care sector, significant expansion in large housing projects, and in the hospitality and service industries.

A commitment to work with individuals and companies looking to invest in new or expanding existing businesses will enable Milford to support and strengthen the city’s capability to further develop services vital to sustaining a vibrant and growing community.

Do you see Milford’s City government as responsive to the needs of the community? What could it do better?

Overall, yes. Milford’s responsiveness however is based upon its financial ability to meet diverse community needs. Addressing all of a communities’ needs presents real challenges, especially when faced with budgetary constraints.
Milford’s residents are cautious, but not opposed to investing in the city’s future. They demand, and are entitled to clear, honest and straightforward answers when being asked to support the growth of the community. Milford must continuously review and update its long-term capital investment strategies while retaining the flexibility to respond to immediate needs through sound fiscal management.

Do you see Milford as a good place to start a small business? Why, and how could it improve?

Starting a new business in Milford is challenging but it also can be very rewarding. Milford’s businesses compete with other businesses located in the beach communities that are seen as shopping destinations. The city should vigorously explore new and imaginative ways to attract people who otherwise bypass Milford on their way to the beach communities, to stop by, visit and shop in Historic Milford.

Milford often appears in national and regional publications’ “Best of” lists as having some of the best attractions and quality of live places in the Mid-Atlantic region. I would like to see the city and small businesses take greater advantage of this exposure and be more aggressive in promoting Milford as a destination.

How is Milford handling its long-term growth, and what could be done better to manage growth?

Milford is on the verge of a potentially dynamic period of growth.
Actively engaging with investors to assist them through the planning and permitting processes will enable Milford to better realize balanced and managed growth.
The city has developed strategic and comprehensive plans that support growth and provide clear guidance for individuals and businesses wishing to locate and invest in Milford. Through a clear and defined process that combines forward thinking with the fair and equitable application of ordinances and zoning regulations, Milford will fashion a more inviting and friendly business atmosphere by diminishing uncertainty for investors.

What do you hope to accomplish as Councilperson?

As a Councilperson for the 1st ward, I would develop relationships with the other members of City Council to build a mutually respectful and collegial working environment that thoughtfully considers and enacts programs and ordnances to make Milford a better community for all of our residents. I hope to help and support Milford Moving Forward.
I would also like to encourage a closer relationship with the Milford school district to keep it informed about projected population increases and the city’s longer-term growth initiatives. The various governing agencies within the city should not compete with each other but should work to find common solutions to achieve long term goals.

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