Schofield for City Council – Q&A


Cindy L. Schofield, currently serves as the President of Matlinds Estates HOA. Retired from the Philadelphia Police Department as a Sergeant after 30 years of service, Schofield has an Associates degree In Criminal Justice, with honors, from the Philadelphia Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree In Organizational Leadership, Magna Cum Laude, and a Masters of Science degree in Strategic Leadership from Mountain State University. She is a graduate from Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command and was an Adjunct Professor for the University of Phoenix. Schofield is also a Senior Olympics athlete, winning two golds and a bronze medal in swimming in 2017.

Why are you running for Council? 

I am running for City Council because I want to be involved in the City of Milford.  I love this city, and I think of it as giving back to my community.  When helping people, it is very rewarding, not to mention that the citizens who need the help will be helped.  

What experience do you plan to draw on in order to successfully serve as Councilperson? 

As a councilperson I can draw my experience as a police officer, the majority of the job is answering complaints from their constituents.  Most of the complaints are quality of life issues and that is where my experience comes in.  I have dealt with quality of life issues my whole career and will continue to give the people in Ward 1 the same service.  I recognize that the citizens of Milford, among other things, want to feel free from crime; in their homes and when they go out.  My background in law enforcement is an advantage to this city. I am a very resourceful person and I will use every avenue and tool I can find to make sure that the citizens of Milford will have their problems answered.

What are the most important issues Milford faces over the next two years, and how will you address them? 

In the next two years I think the important issues that Milford faces will be the events that occur when there is growth.  First off I don’t think anyone wants to grow to the point that Milford loses the charm we all see in our city.  So it needs to be a balance of Growth, families moving to our city, things for kids of all ages to do for recreation and inexpensive things that families can do together. Bike paths are always good for people to exercise and get around the city.  However, we need safe traffic ways so that we can keep our residents safe. In addition to this, to keep our residents living in this great little city we need to bring in businesses to create jobs.

Do you see Milford’s City government as responsive to the needs of the community?  What could it do better? 

I think Milford’s City government could be more responsive to the needs of the community, I think that Milford needs to create things that kids of all ages can do, and things that families can do together.  We have parks, a bowling alley, the Boys & Girls club, and a rec. center.  Maybe we can create different events that would stimulate all age groups and get them involved.

Do you see Milford as a good place to start a small business?  Why, and how could it improve? 

I do see Milford as a good place to start a small business, we are the perfect city for that!  I think Milford is a quaint town, as I always call it, “a Norman Rockwell town”.  I would love to see a lot more restaurants and specialty stores.  Maybe stores like you would see on the boardwalk. With this thought process, I think it would increase the volume of shoppers, and people spending money increases our economy….Win-Win!

How is Milford handling its long-term growth, and what could be done better to manage growth? 

Milford’s handling of long-term growth, there is no problem with growth…However, we need to realize with growth comes more traffic!  Citizens are already complaining with the long wait to get out of the parking lot that houses Starbucks and Planet Fitness.  I have heard there may already be some plans to change directions of some streets and angle parking, I don’t know if this was accurate information.  So the long and short of it is, when we build we need to account for parking, driving, bike paths, and pedestrian traffic.  Something else is very important to think about, when we have growth we need to build our Police Department.  The Police department has to grow with it!  

What do you hope to accomplish as Councilperson? 

As a councilperson I would like to accomplish the following things:  

It is an exciting time for Milford, and I want to be a part of its growing into a place that people want to visit, work, and raise their families.

I want to accomplish improving the infrastructure, creating jobs, and improving the quality of life for our citizens.  I am also hoping to work with the police on their future endeavors.   

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