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Guest Writer Steve Monz, Afternoons on Cool 101.3

This past weekend The Master’s, golf’s Super Bowl, awoke the sleeping amateur golfers in all of us. Warm weather is almost here and it’s time to get outside and swing the clubs.
I have always said that if I ever win the lottery I am going to retire and travel the world playing in charity golf tournaments. One, I get to play the sport that I love and two I get an opportunity to become the philanthropist I always thought I could be. But with so many ways to make a difference in one’s lifetime why charity golf tournaments? Show up, pay your entry fee, play a round of golf, share some laughs and drop a pile of cash on the unsuspecting charity as you walk out the door. Of course I would be selective. Not every charity would be on my radar just ones that I believe in.

Which brings me to this week’s article. Every year there are charity golf tournaments in the Milford area that are near and dear to my heart. Sometimes it’s the charity, sometimes it’s the fun people, and most times it’s both. What is nice about a charity golf tournament is that you really don’t have to be that good. Most are what is called a best ball scramble. All four players on your team tee off. You go to the best ball and everyone plays from there. And you do that for the entire hole, every hole. It levels the playing field and makes it fun for everyone.

My all-time favorite tournament here in Milford is the KSI – Kent Sussex Industries 3 Club challenge. It’s a best ball scramble but you are only permitted to bring and play with 3 clubs. So, you have to take some time and consider which clubs you would get the most use out of. Kent Sussex Industries provides careers for folks with disabilities. And this tournament gives you a chance to experience how certain disabilities, like putting with a driver, can change how you approach things. It’s brilliant! I love it. The Crouch family, Alicia Hollis and staff are so wonderful and really put on a first class event. This year’s tournament is their 29th annual and it will be held September 19th at the Rookery North in Milford.



My other favorite golf tournament in Milford is the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford and their 25th annual Golf Classic July 12th at the Rookery North in Milford. They offer the standard golf, carts, range balls, lunch, dinner, beverages, and goodie bag. But they also have the Old Tyme Wardrobe Contest where you get to be creative with your golfing attire. Now maybe this is one of my favorites because I have won this contest 2 years in a row. Just sayin’. Once as a classic old golfer in 2016 and once as Carl Spangler from the movie Caddyshack in 2017. Hey, I may not be the best golfer in the field, but we certainly have the most fun.


So there you go. Great golf tournaments benefiting great charities in our community here in Milford. Sign up and play and I’ll see you on the golf course. And if you don’t play I’m sure they would love to have some extra volunteers to help out! So until I win the lottery I’ll continue to do what I can here in Milford to make my world a better place. And when I do win, I will be able to make an even bigger impact to our community than simply writing about it. Get out and play some golf. And if you have a local golf tournament for a great cause let me know about it. Steve@cool1013.com. Cheers.

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