Mayoral Candidate Archie Campbell – Q&A


 by Terry Rogers

Milford City Councilman Archie Campbell currently serves Ward I. Retired from the corporate world as Director of Operations at Loreal Lancome, Campbell has served as Milford City Councilman for the past two years and seven years on the City of Milford Planning & Zoning Commission. He works as a substitute teacher at the Milford Central Academy and Milford High School and is an active volunteer in Milford, serving as a member of the Milford Lions Club and coaching the Milford High School Swim Team. He also founded the Milford Marlins, the swim team for the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club. He and his wife, Veronica “Ronnie,” have two children, Arthur and Monica.


Why are you running for Mayor? 

I am running for Mayor because I like the way things are going in the City and I want to continue in the same direction. Keeping taxes the same, delinquent taxes collected, maintain code enforcement to clean up the run down homes and rentals. I want to continue to support the new hospital, fix the infrastructure with the plan that was provided to the City by the University of Delaware engineering students and our Planning Commission.

What experience do you plan to draw on in order to successfully serve as Mayor? 

I will draw on the expertise of the members of Council and the people of Milford to obtain my objectives.

What are the most important issues Milford faces over the next two years, and how would you address them? 

Keeping taxes the same and continuing to maintain our present tax revenues. As I said previously, continuing code enforcement to clean up the community is an important issue as it will increase property values. I plan to work closely with our present companies to increase jobs and especially with the new $300 million hospital which is going to create jobs. We’re looking at 200 to 300 jobs. In addition, Baltimore Air Coil and Perdue are adding jobs in Milford.

Do you see Milford’s City government as responsive to the needs of the community? What could it do better? 

I think the City government is very responsive to the community, especially with the continued growth coming to Milford.

Do you see Milford as a good place to start a small business? Why and how could it improve? 

Milford is a great place for new startup business and economic growth. The City will work very close with those new companies and help them as much as possible so we both become successful.

How is Milford handling its’ long-term growth and what could be done better to manage growth? 

I feel that with the help of code enforcement, cleaning up the city’s run-down homes and rentals will attract new developers and builders who will find Milford an attractive community.

What do you hope to accomplish as Mayor? 

I expect to work hard with new business and keep taxes stable. I want to continue collecting delinquent taxes until the $389,000 debt is fully paid to the city, thus keeping property taxes stable. Of course, I plan to maintain code enforcement to clean up Milford.


*The City election will be held Saturday, April 28 from 12 Noon until 8 PM. Voters must be registered with the City of Milford in order to vote in the election. *