Letters from Listeners


Guest Writer By Susan Monday, Delaware 105.9 and 1150AM and 101.7FM WDEL

As a talk show host on Delaware 1059 and WDEL, I receive a lot of letters and emails from listeners. Sometimes, people don’t get a chance to call into the show or aren’t comfortable doing so and would rather gather their thoughts and put them down on paper. Sometimes, they just want to expand upon something either I or a caller said on the air. Whatever the reason, if someone, in this day and age of texts and tweets, takes the time to write, I feel it’s important to let their voice be heard.

So I’d like to share with you some excerpts of some recent letters I received. Let me introduce you to Johnny “Miami” Collins. He’s a prisoner at James. T. Vaughn Correctional Center. Say what? That’s right. Mr. Collins regularly listens to and writes “The Susan Monday Show.” I can tell from his letters he is engaged in the topics, has strong opinions, and wants his voice to be heard. He tells me what’s going on at the prison from his perspective, and I believe that’s something we, on the outside world, need to hear.
Here’s a snippet from his most recent letter. In response to a show on whether today’s kids are coddled too much, Mr. Collins writes: “I agree…These days, kids and teens have very little sense of independence…They want everything to come easy, and they feel entitled. Growing up, my brothers and I wanted to supplement the household’s income and not be a liability. We built our own toys and shoeshine boxes and sold newspapers to buy the products needed for shining shoes.”

Mr. Collins even suggests a show topic: “I would love for you to do a show on inmates getting a sex change to become transgender at taxpayers’ cost! And this prison is allowing it. I’m liberal but not that liberal!”

Gun control has been a hot topic in the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, and Delaware legislators have proposed several bills, the most controversial of which is SB 163: “An Act to Amend the Delaware Code Relating to Deadly Weapons.”

Jim from Wilmington does not support the bill, saying “I fear that this legislation is simply a response on the part of legislators to show constituents that they are doing something, never mind if it actually produces a positive effect: ‘Look at us, we ARE trying, we banned those weapons.’ I do not personally own any of the listed firearms, nor do I have any real desire to acquire any of them, but I fail to see how denying other non-prohibited citizens the right to own them does any good.”

“My opinion on how to reduce gun violence in Delaware? Enforce the existing gun laws of the state and federal governments and quit plea bargaining away the ‘mandatory’ firearm sentences.”

And finally, from Dan on the subject of trash in Delaware and DNREC cracking down on people who throw trash bags on the side of the road: “Let’s look at some facts. The size of the dollars bags are 33 gallon. They are not any good at the Sandtown land fill and not at transfer stations. They are also not cost effective unless you also recycle.”

There are only two places that take the dollar bags close to me, one is west of Bridgeville and the other is south of Ellendale. I’m sure that there are other locations, if someone would look on the solid waste web site.  It cost us maybe $2 a month if we watch out and really pack the bags and make sure we recycle at the same time.  As for hauling bigger items I had a load to take to the transfer station: 2 mattresses, 1 box spring, 1 heavy chair, and a big TV. It only cost $12.00 for the load.”

Here at Delaware 1059, we try our best to be inclusive. Whether you agree or disagree with the host(s), we welcome your opinion. You can call or text me and the other hosts, you can find us on social media in my case, (@sumospeak), and you can email me (smonday@dbcmedia.com).

And, of course, if putting pen to paper is your thing, bring on the letters: Delmarva Broadcasting, 1666 Blairs Pond Road, Milford, DE 19963 I hope to hear from you soon, whatever format you choose.