Gaglione Records 100th point, Bucs move to 5-0


By TJ Millman

For only the second time in school history, the Milford Lacrosse team has started out the season 5-0. The Bucs moved to 5-0 this past week by picking up two wins against conference opponent Indian River and Newark High School. Milford junior Jon Gaglione had 7 goals and one assist on the week, including a goal against Indian River that went for Gaglione’s 100th career point.

“It means a lot to teach this mark, but I couldn’t have done it without my teammates around me. Honestly, I don’t worry about my points as long as we get the win. I just try to make plays to get the win, and I like to see what the young guys around me are able to do with the ball. They don’t show up on the score sheet, but this team also gets a lot of secondary assists. We keep the ball moving, and we have a lot of young guys who can put the ball in the back of the net,” Gaglione said.

Calling this year’s Milford team young would be an understatement. At any given moment the Bucs have 6 or 7 freshman and sophomores on the field, and with only 2 seniors on the defensive end of the field, Milford hasn’t had a goal from a senior all year. Though Milford’s youth promises a bright future for the program, it has also led to inconsistencies early in the season.

“I think it’s just a youth thing. We get ahead of ourselves, and everything is working for us, and the guys just start forcing passes and trying to make flashy plays. We have a sophomore and two freshman at attack right now, and they have the skill for sure. Mentally, we’re still working on it, and I have a feeling that will be fixed by the end of this year,” Milford Lacrosse Head Coach Blake Faulkner said.



Against IR, Milford jumped out to an early lead, but allowed the Indians to bring the game to 5-4 at the end of the first quarter. Milford outscored the Indians 3-1 in the second quarter, and went into halftime with an 8-5 lead. Both teams scored 3 through the remaining half and Milford got out with an 11-8 victory. Despite the win, Faulkner saw some things that need fixing.

“We can’t worry about what other teams have or don’t have talent wise. And we can’t worry about how we match up talent wise either. It’s just about going out there and playing sound, disciplined, proper lacrosse, and we’re just not doing that yet. We have our runs, and then we start pressing and making mistakes, and it’s just little things that we need to tie up to play a complete game. I guess we just like making games close,” Faulkner said.

Milford beat Newark 14-4 two days later, and did so without senior goalie Shane Gaglione. Gaglione was sidelined with a leg injury, and junior Ryan Frost and freshman Brody McMillan combined for 15 saves in the win.

Weekly goal totals for the Bucs were Gaglione (7), Conor Christie (7), Alex Herka (4), Jordan Passwaters (3), Gage Hayes (2), Matt Hague (1), Jashawn Harmon (1). Assist totals were Gage Hayes (3), Jordan Passwaters (2), Alex Herka (2), Matt Hague (2), Conor Christie (2), Jon Gaglione (1).

Milford’s next game is away against Sussex Academy on Wednesday, April 18 at 4 PM.

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