MCA FFA Donates 3,494 to Food Bank


Staff Report

It ended with 3,494 pounds of non-perishable food items donated to the Food Bank of Delaware, but it all started last June when the newly elected officers of the Milford Central Academy FFA chapter sat down together at their summer training and retreat to plan out the year. The officer team wanted to do a food drive to benefit the Food Bank of Delaware, but they wanted to make it an event and so the planning started.

Members of the MCA FFA officer team and Advisor contacted the principals of the elementary schools within the district and asked if we could challenge their students to bring in non-perishable food from January 23 through February 23. Part of that challenge would include that the grade in each building who brought in the most items would get to see their building principal kiss a pig at the conclusion of the event.

Once each building principal agreed to the conditions, FFA members worked to have five large collection boxes put in the lobby of each elementary school. Then members of the officer team designed a flyer that was sent home to every parent who had a child in the Milford School District from grades 1 through 8. Finally, the drive began. FFA officers traveled to the elementary schools each week to collect donated goods, tally up the totals and report them back to the building principals. FFA members at the MCA took control of the MCA Food Drive and collected the cans donated at the building on a daily basis, keeping 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students informed about their progress.

In the end, Milford School District students from grades 1-8 donated more than a ton of food to our local Food Bank and there was a week where one little pig from a local farm was kissed more times than she ever imagined. Banneker Elementary school Principal, Dr. Kilgore, added an additional challenge to her students and told them that if they brought in more items than the other two elementary schools, Dr. Kevin Dickerson, the Superintendent, would come to their assembly to kiss a pig. With over two thousand items donated by Banneker students alone, Dr. Dickerson was contacted and he blessed the little pig with a smooch, as did their Principal and their Assistant Principal, Mrs. Alfaro. A number of teachers also got a chance to kiss the pig, as smaller challenges were answered that day.The entire student population got to watch all the kissing with much enthusiasm.

Ross Elementary, whose students brought in over 1,000 items had to give the winning 1st grade class a chance to watch while Mrs. McKenzie, their principal, puckered up to kiss the pig. Students each had a set of plastic lips to commemorate the occasion.

Mrs. Wallace, Principal of Mispillion Elementary kissed her pig in front of her first grade students as well. Those students donated over 170 items to bring their elementary school donation to over 500 items. Students had a chance to ask Mrs. Bruns, the MCA FFA Advisor, questions about the pig before watching their principal pucker

At the Central Academy, the 6th and 7th grade classed tied in the amount of food donated, so Assistant Principal, Dr. McDaniel, kissed a pig following the 6th grade lunch and Mr. Parsley, Assistant Principal, kissed the pig following the 7th grade lunch. Dr. Carnevale was allowed to kiss a cute bunny since her 8th grade students donated the least number of canned food items.

“Overall,the Milford Central Academy FFA Chapter would like to thank all of the elementary and middle school students of the district who helped donate such a huge amount of food to our local Food Bank,” said MCA FFA Advisor Judith Bruns. “Donations in February and March are typically lower than earlier in the winter, since there are no major holidays at this time of year. The MCA FFA officers have great plans for next year, so stay tuned.”

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