Bowman Earns Full-Ride to Play D1


By TJ Millman

To say that David Bowman has been the backbone of the Milford Buccaneers Football team for the last four years would be an understatement. Bowman is Milford’s all-time leader in rushing yards, touchdowns, and tackles. In his senior season, Bowman managed to lead his team to a Division II State Championship game, and was honored with First Team All-State on both sides of the ball. Bowman was also the DIFCA Defensive Player of the Year.

“He’s the total package. We’ve had a lot of guys on one side of the ball or the other, but he’s been the complete package for four years. We’re talking about a 4-year captain with so much ability to make plays. My very first game coaching here was against Red Lion and David takes his first carry for a 65-yard touchdown as a freshman…we just knew he was going to be special,” Milford head football coach Shaun Strickland said.

Speaking of his freshman year, Bowman and his teammates went 1-9 that season, and over 4 years he saw his team get better each season. He remembers that process all too well, and it was that very experience that led him to Del State for his college career after speaking with new Del State Head Coach Rod Milstead.

“Coach Milstead came in talking to me just like Coach Strickland did back when we first got started together. He said that we were going to change this program to get back to winning, and that there were no bad D1 teams in Delaware. I know he was successful in his own career, making it to the NFL, and I am ready to buy in entirely,” Bowman said.

Bowman plans on majoring in exercise science and would love to be a strength and conditioning coach one day. In a room full of teachers, coaches, and administrators, no one had a bad word to say about Bowman. They all spoke of his hard working attitude, friendly demeanor, and his dedication to be great in the classroom and on the football field. His parents were inclined to agree.


“I’m so proud as a father. I’ve seen so many kids come up without a father figure and the struggles that they have to endure. I always tried to help those kids in the weight room when I saw them, and then to see my own son doing so well, just being such an amazing kid is so great. I know that I can count on him going out and not getting in trouble, and it’s just nice knowing that I have such a great son that I can trust. He knows how much I love him. I’m not an overly-emotional person, but I always let him know that I’m proud of him and of how hard he works,” David Bowman Senior said.

Bowman said his favorite memory was making the state tournament with his teammates when everyone was counting them out, and he’s still excited to get one last high school game in the Blue-Gold game this June.

Bowman is still waiting to see which side of the ball he will play on, or at least waiting on the coaches to stop fighting over who gets to have him, but you can be sure of one thing. Wherever Bowman ends up on the field, he will be the hardest working, most level-headed player on the field. It’s just who he is.