Vinyl is Back & I’m Hooked Again


Guest Writer, Petch, Eagle 977 in the Morning

You may or may not have heard that vinyl is back, Sales of vinyl records have been on the rise and many people are discovering or re-discovering the joys of record collecting.

My story is like many others from my generation who grew up as a teen in the early 80’s, Saturday mornings were about a sleep in first then meeting up with friends and going downtown to hang.

Well for me and my friends we would meet up every Saturday and take a trip to the local record store to try and grab a copy of the hot new songs that week, Spending time picking though all the new 7” or 12” singles out of the rack and heading up to the counter that had a turntable to one side and play that weeks new releases.

I’ll always remember the guy who worked there, He name was Pete and he was an older dude in his 50’s who always had a cigarette either in his mouth or burning away in an ashtray.

But oh boy did he know his stuff, There was three of us who would go there every week and we got to a point where he would know what we were into music wise, So if something came in that he knew one of us would be really into he would always place it to one side till Saturday.

For me I was always that soul boy, Loving things like Luther Vandross and the S.O.S Band, D-Train etc, But I also had a cool (Well I thought so) nerdy side, Loving things like Duran Duran, Culture Club, New Order, Tears for Fears as well, So for me my pile of vinyl heading up to that counter was always the biggest.

I will always remember that thrill of walking into the store with that smell of cigarette smoke and inner excitement knowing you were about to be in vinyl heaven it was sometimes as a teen to much to bare.

Now growing up as a teen in the UK who loved Soul Music, A lot of those songs were hard to come by as they originated from here in the states, Every Sunday night I used to listen to my local radio station as they had a show called Soul Sunday. It was 2 hours of heaven for me, I always used to record it on a cassette tape every week and make notes of the songs he played.

Pete the record store guy always had this small import section with 12” vinyls from over here and I would always give him my note with the songs from that radio show.

Most of the time they would be too expensive for me to buy, But if there was that one song I wanted and I knew he had got it in the store, I would be in chore overload at home or at my grandparents place so by Friday night I would have that money burning a hole in my pocket.

Now that vinyl Obsession of mine grew into my profession, I became a night club DJ for many years and played across Europe doing so and by the time I moved here as you can imagine I had a collection of thousands.

The sad side of my story came when I wanted to ship everything over, It would have cost me between 6-7 thousand pounds (English Money) so close to Ten thousand dollars to do so, And being a family man and having to be sensible I had to sell my pretty much my entire collection.

I remember posting it up on Ebay and some guy with a big truck came late one night and picked them all up, I cried and yes I did actually cry, I sold a slice of my youth for a dream to live here.

But now I have the bug again, My wife got me a turntable as a Christmas gift and I have started collecting again and funny enough buying old vinyl on the place where I sold all mine Ebay.

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