Nurses Play Critical Community Role


Communities around the country celebrated National Hospital and Nurses Week this month, highlighting the important role hospitals and health systems have in their local communities. Nurses play a critical part of local health systems from being an integral component of daily care to promoting better health in their neighborhoods. Local nurse Adrianne Shane believes that for most, nursing is a career chosen out of a passion for helping others.

“We so often put other families’ needs in front of our own. We are constantly thinking and moving. We spend our days and nights building relationships with our patients who we learn to love as our own,” said Shane. “I believe we are the forefront of the medical field as we are the ones who provide around the clock care for patients. Nursing is a very emotional, challenging and rewarding career that I believe is only for a special breed.”

Shane has lived in Milford for the past 8 years and in Delaware her entire life. She enjoys the busy schedule of being a full time mom, wife, nurse and business owner of the new Evolve Health & Fitness. Earning a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and Leadership, she has been a nurse for 8 years. Shane has worked for BayHealth Kent General since 2010 and recently took a new role in the Cardiovascular Surgical Intensive Care Unit.

She was always intrigued by the body, its function and also with health. Shane was 17 when she went into nursing school and she was simply just picking an interesting career pathway to start her college journey. “Looking back, I now know fate lead me in the right direction. I have fallen in love with my career,” said Shane. “I love making a difference in people’s lives, whether it’s caring for them or a loved one, educating them about health and wellness, or comforting them at end of life.”

Nursing is a career with many emotional ups and downs for Shane. “ I think the most rewarding part is knowing you were a helpful part of someone’s journey,” she said. “That someone may not even be a patient, but maybe a patient’s family member. It’s amazing when our patients come back to visit us and look healthy and strong again. It’s great to know that as a nurse, you played a role in that person living a longer and healthier life.”

Finding a balance between patient satisfaction and doing what is best for the patient is one of the most challenging parts of the job, according to Shane. “We live in a very unhealthy society and many people have developed years of bad habits in which land them in the hospital. It’s a challenge to keep people happy while also not enabling their bad habits,” she said. “We want nothing more than the best possible outcome for all of our patients. I’ve learned the word ‘tough love’ isn’t only for raising children but also for helping others.”

It is apparent when speaking to nurses in the field, that they do not expect recognition and perform their duty through a desire to impact lives with care and compassion. National Nurses Week reminds communities about the critical role nurses play throughout daily life and gives an opportunity for patients and families to take a moment to show gratitude for their service.

“Sometimes a hug of appreciation is the best gift someone can give,” said Shane. “True appreciation for nurses comes from the heart and cannot be purchased. Appreciate your nurses for their hard work and dedication to all the strangers in the community who they step up to care for.”

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