DE Archives Friends Offer Fellowship of $2,500


At their annual meeting held in Dover on May 8, the Friends of the Delaware Public Archives announced the revival of the Harold Hancock Research Fellowship. Named for the noted Delaware historian, the Hancock Fellowship will provide the recipient with a financial stipend of $2,500 to research a specific subject about local or Delaware history using the resources of the Delaware Public Archives.

The Hancock Research Fellowship is intended to produce work that will promote research contributing to a greater public knowledge of a worthy aspect of Delaware state or local history; improve and multiply the ways in which an understanding of the First State’s history is communicated to its citizenry; and also aimed at supporting access to and use of the holdings of the Delaware Public Archives (DPA).

The Fellowship will provide the recipient with $2,500 for research over a one-year period. To fulfill the requirements of the Fellowship, the researcher must use the collections of the Delaware Public Archives, which houses the largest collection of the records of Delaware government on the state, county, and local level.

Research and study carried out under the Hancock Fellowship may focus on virtually any subject within the general area of Delaware history and culture before 1980. The end product of research may include, but is not limited to, historical novels; documentary films and television programs; radio broadcasts; nonfiction works of history designed for general audiences of adults or children; and magazine or newspaper articles. Research on family genealogies is not included in Hancock Fellowship criteria.

Applications for the Harold Hancock Fellowship are welcome from scholars; public sector professionals in history-related disciplines; writers working independently; college and university teachers; librarians; archivists; museum curators; scholars from fields other than the humanities; staff of other historical research facilities; local historical societies statewide; faculty from in-state colleges and universities; elementary and secondary school teachers; librarians; filmmakers, and students. Applicants must live, work, or attend college or university in Delaware.

The Hancock Fellowship will be awarded on Saturday, March 2, 2019 at the First Saturday Lecture Series Program at the Delaware Public Archives. The winner will be notified and given a year to accept the Fellowship. Should the individual decline the fellowship for personal obligations or other professional circumstances, an alternate will be given the opportunity to accept it.

An application for the Hancock Fellowship can be found online at For more information about the fellowship, individuals can contact Larry Josefowski at or 302-857-0123.