New Owners Take Over Legend Pizza


by Terry Rogers

Ozzy Yilmaz, who immigrated to the United States from Turkey over 20 years ago, says that owning his own restaurant has always been his dream. When he arrived in this country, he began working the food service industry and has held jobs in almost every restaurant capacity since he began his career. In just a few weeks, he will open his first restaurant which he plans to call Milford Salad, taking over the space previously occupied by Legends Pizza.

“I have worked as a dishwasher, cook, server, manager,” Yilmaz said. “If there is a job you could have in the restaurant industry, I have held it. This is the first place I have owned, and it is like my dream came true.”

Although he plans to continue with many of the menu items from Legends Pizza, he says he also plans to add several of his own salads to the menu, which is why he decided to change the name. The restaurant should open in about two weeks and Yilmaz plans to send out about 5,000 menus as part of a mailing campaign. He does plan to remodel the restaurant eventually but is leaving it as is for now.

“Even though we will have pizza on the menu, this will not be a typical pizza restaurant,” Yilmaz said. “It is more like a restaurant with things like liver and onions, fried seafood platters and my specialty salads. We will offer deliver of all our menu items as well. We also plan to offer three types of soup each day, things like crab soup and other local favorites.”

Before it was Legends Pizza, the restaurant was known as Milford Pizza, owned by Angelo and Virginia Pappas for 23 years. In 2015, the Pappas’ sold the restaurant to Susan Rudeau and Eric Specht in order to retire. The couple decided to purchase the restaurant because Specht’s mother operated a pizzeria in New Jersey. He grew up in a household with grandparents speaking Italian with every Friday homemade pizza and pasta night. The couple operated Milford Pizza for several years before selling the business to new owners who renamed the business Legends Pizza.

Yilmaz says that the new business will be much different than both Milford and Legends Pizza. He is focusing on recipes he has perfected over the past 20 years although he will keep some favorites on the menu. Milford Salad will be open seven days per week from 10 AM until 10 PM. The restaurant will close on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but Yilmaz plans to keep the restaurant open all other holidays. Once the restaurant opens, they can be reached by calling 302-503-3670.


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