DHL to Open Sorting Facility in Milford


by Terry Rogers



Robert Mintz, Senior Manager of Communications with DHL Express Americas says that the company decided to open a new sorting facility in Milford because the town is in the center most location within the delivery footprint served by local couriers. The new facility will be located at 971 East Masten Circle in Milford.

“This facility will primarily be used for shipment sorting,” Mintz said. “So, at this time, it is not a staffed facility that can accept customer shipments. In the United States, DHL Express is focused exclusively on international export and import services. We pick up and deliver documents and parcels as fast as possible to and from the United States on a scheduled express network, providing door-to-door delivery by a specific time, or by the next business day. The new facility in Milford should be open within the next two to three months.”

In 1969, Adrian Daisey and Larry Hillblom worked together at a company that offered a limited delivery service. During their lunchbreak in a food store parking lot one day, the two men began a casual conversation which sparked an idea to start a delivery company. Robert Lynn, a real estate associate, joined Daisey and Hillblom to create DHL. In the beginning, the company focused on shipping documents by air so that they arrived before freight on cargo ships using a San Francisco to Honolulu flight. This allowed goods to pass through customs with fewer delays.

“From there, the company grew at a phenomenal rate,” Mintz said. “After one year, DHL handled shipments for 40 clients and had expanded to Guam, Los Angeles and Portland, Ohio. At the same time that DHL was expanding, the marketplace was developing and becoming more complex. DHL quickly mastered the art of adapting to meet changing customer needs, but at the global and local level. Today, DHL Express worldwide employees 100,000 people and links to more than 220 countries and territories.” In 1978, DHL became the first international air express company to offer service in Latin America, starting with Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela.

In 1999, Deutsch Post, the world’s largest logistics company, began purchasing shares in DHL and, by 2002, achieved full ownership of the company.

Staffing at the new Milford facility will be provided by Express One Logistics, a DHL service partner. Anyone interested in applying for a position at the new facility can contact Steve Nawab at



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